“It’s awful, sorry to everybody” – Brian Harman reveals the origin of his ‘annoying’ waggle at The Open

The 151st Open - Day Four
Brian Harman at The Open Championship (via Getty Images)

Last week was all about American golfer Brian Harman. He won his first major of his career, i.e., the Open Championship 2023 at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. However, the golfer was criticized for his 'annoying' waggle before the shot.

Recently, Harman was on the Pardon My Take podcast. He opened up about how he started the waggle before the shots and got slower. He accepted that 'it's awful', but he could not help it.

In a video shared by Flushing It on their Twitter, he said:

"Yeah, it's awful, sorry to everybody. Yeah, it's not great. When I first got on this tour, I was one of the fastest guys on the tour. You ask anybody, juinor golf, amer golf college golf, I was go, go, go, go. And I found myself kind of twiddling my thumps all day."

He mentioned fellow American professional golfer Lucas Glover, who happens to be his friend, and asked him about the slow play issue.

Brian Harman said:

"Lucas Golver is one of my really good friends. And I asked him, he's a fast player always been. I said him like, 'I don't know if I can do this. Like, I can't sit around all day.' He was like, 'Man!', and he goes if 'I can go back and do it again I would slow it down'. And I made a consious effort to slow down."

"I just got slower and slower" - Brian Harmans shares that he did not realize slowing down his golf

On the Pardom My Take podcast, the newly crowned Open Championship 2023 winner shared that he did not realize when his game got slower. He opened up about not being confident until ready.

He said:

"I just, I didn't understand that when I slowed down, it just opened up like this whole like, like kind of not like OCD. I don't, I don't want to, you know, say that, but it's like I just, I don't want to go time till I'm ready. And I just got slower and slower."

However, Brian Harman shared that he did speed up a little and is working on it to get better.

He added:

"I've sped up a little bit, but I'm working on it. Bit, it's like, dam, I slowed down, started playing really good. So, I mean, what... So it's sucks I know."

Later on, when the host said that it was really appreciable that Brian Harman was aware of his slow play, the golfer agreed and said he wished it wasn't the way it is now. He added that he wants to be a player who can go see the ball a couple of times and hit the shot.

He said:

"I'm fully cognizand of it. I wish if wasn't that way. I'm trying to make up for it where like when it's my turn, I'm ready to go. Like I'm not like, 'Oh I'm gonna get a number nowor now I'm going to read my putt'. So I feel like, I try to be as ready as I can and I'm still working on it. I just, I would love to get back to just like, you know, look, couple looks and go."

Brian Harman received a lot of criticism for being a slow player at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. But, whatever the case, he is the new Open champion and has advanced to his career-best 10th rank in the Official World Golf Rankings.

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