“I don't care anything about your golf” - RangeGoats GC captain Bubba Watson explains the dynamics behind signing Matt Wolff

LIV Golf Invitational - Miami - Day Three
Bubba Watson (Image via Getty)

Matthew Wolff recently joined Bubba Watson's LIV Golf team, after a rollercoaster ride over the last season. Wolff earned the criticism of Brooks Koepka last year, and with some bad blood between the two, he was traded from Smash GC over to RangeGoats GC.

Talor Gooch was traded by captain Bubba Watson to Brooks Koepka in exchange for Wolff, who needed a fresh start in LIV Golf. Ahead of the 2024 season, the American golfer earned a lot of praise and support from Watson.

When the trade was made, Bubba Watson contacted Matthew Wolff and told him how much he valued him. Watson said according to LIV Golf Updates:

"I think Matt was at dinner when I told him the trade happened. He texted me and said, what's going on? I called him right away, and first thing I told him, I said, dude, I don't care anything about your golf. I don't care. I'm not going to teach you anything about golf. You've already learned it all. That's up to you. All I care about is you as a person."

In the debut event of the 2024 LIV Golf Series at the Mayakoba event, Bubba Watson finished T28.

Matthew Wolff expresses gratitude at first LIV Golf event

Last year, Matthew Wolff withdrew from a LIV Golf tournament midway, earning the criticism of Smash GC Captain Brooks Koepka. Wolff has been a big advocate of mental health, and even went through a period when he did not feel like playing golf.

Making his comeback to golf has been a long battle, and after the first event at Mayakoba, Wolff said (via Gwinnett Daily Post):

“Having support has been more than I could ask for. Really just being around a good group of guys that care about you, want you to play well, and more than anything, just are out there regardless of what you shoot, good or bad, you're going back, eating dinners, hanging out and not talking about golf really.”

Wolff has been aware of his game and has been looking to minimise his mistakes. The RangeGoats GC are currently leading the second LIV Golf event that is taking place in Las Vegas, with Matthew Wolff being in joint third.

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