“I think women are seriously incredible” – Pregnant Amy Olson set to inspire others at the US Women’s Open 2023

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Amy Olson is set to play the 2023 US Women's Open, which is scheduled to take place from July 6 to July 9 at Pebble Beach in California. She’ll tee off at the event while being 30 weeks pregnant. While this may surprise many, Olson is actually excited to play in the major championship.

Olson is mentally prepared to take on the challenges of playing while pregnant. In fact, the 30-year-old American has now come out to state that she’s looking to inspire others with her action. Stating that “women are seriously incredible,” Olson is embracing motherhood as a professional athlete.

The soon-to-be LPGA mom lauded female athletes and said that she took inspiration from several others who proved it’s possible.

Opening up about embracing motherhood as a female athlete, Amy Olson said, as quoted by the LPGA Tour:

“I think women are seriously incredible. The women that have done this over and over and they work through it, or they're caring for other kids through it, or caring for parents, whatever. It takes a lot of selflessness and strength and courage to be able to do it. I've just gained an appreciation for it and I hope it's also just inspiring to others."

Amy Olson on deciding to play the US Women's Open while pregnant

It is pertinent to note that Amy Olson is expecting her first child. She found out about the pregnancy on her husband Grant’s birthday, January 13. The golfer made it public in March via social media. Now, the golfer revealed that one of the first things she did after finding out about her pregnancy was reach out to her colleagues.

The LPGA Tour veteran said that her peers helped her understand the challenges of playing professional golf while carrying a child. However, she learned that she might have enough time to appear in the US Women’s Open before hanging up her gloves and taking maternity leave.

She said:

“I was started texting like every mom on Tour going, how long did you play? At what point did you stop? And I was hearing (that the) max is kind of right around 28 to 32 weeks, depending on how you carry, who you are."
"I computed that at the (U.S. Women’s Open), I will have just completed 30 weeks. I'm like, okay, it's possible. I'm hearing that it's doable. It’s Pebble (Beach) of all things. So I'm like, ‘You know what, let's just go out there and see what happens.’”

Amy Olson couldn’t be more excited to tee up at Pebble Beach for the 2023 US Women’s Open. The golfer will look out to put out a strong performance at the third major championship of the 2023 LPGA Tour season, before leaving the tour.

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