Pregnant LPGA pro Amy Olson shocked that her pro-life Christian views censored in interview - “Media wants to run anything that’s going to get clicks”

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LPGA Tour player Amy Olson (Image via Getty)

LPGA Tour golfer Amy Olson made headlines earlier this year when she played at the US Women's Open while seventh months pregnant with her first child. During the Pebble Beach event, Olson had an interview with Steve Eubanks, a former writer for the Global Golf podcast.

In her interview with Steve, the LPGA Tour golfer spoke about her Christian views and pro-life. However, the media house never published the article. Olson recently opened up about the interview with Steve in a conversation with Fox Digital Joe Morgan.

Olson explained that her intentions were not to dive into religious thoughts but because she trusted Steve, she spoke about it.

"Steve is a writer who has written articles about me in the past. I know his style. I know he’s fair. And so I felt comfortable speaking about the experience that I’d lived through in the last couple of years," she said.

Amy Olson was shocked that her article was never published. Adding to her statement, the golfer said:

“I was, No. 1, very shocked that it didn’t run, because I’m kind of the opinion that media wants to run anything that’s going to get clicks and gain eyes. And I figured that would. But then I was also extremely impressed with his, I guess his commitment to journalistic integrity and wanting to tell the full story and not editorialize. And so, to me. that was a huge stand of courage on his part.”

Reportedly, after the publication did not approve Steve's article, he resigned from his position.

Amy Olson spoke about abortion in her interview with Steve Eubank

According to The Blaze, Steve Eubanks interviews Olson in July before the Women's US Open for Global Golf Post. The prime line of the story was the golfer was seven months pregnant and was still playing in the major. However, as the interview proceeds they spoke about abortion and Christianity.

According to a transcript received by The Blaze of the original interview, Amy Olson opened up about the Supreme Court's decision to under-turned Roe. V Wade case in July 2022. She said:

"I will say that the irony is not lost on me that, one year ago, when Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was playing in a major championship outside Washington, D.C., and women from around the world, and even on tour, were outraged. Now, a year later, people are celebrating that I'm going to be playing a major championship with an unborn child that they recognize as a life."

She also spoke about Chistanity saying:

"It's very tough. Being a Christian has always been political because Christianity is supposed to touch every aspect of your life."

It is pertinent to note that Amy Olson missed the cut at the US Women's Open and soon after the tournament, she went on maternity leave. She will welcome her first child in September. The golfer is married to former football linebacker Grant Olson.

Edited by Ankush Das
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