Dale Moss on the NFL, KISS, Michelob ULTRA & Father's Day

Football player, model, entertainer and influencer Dale Moss
Football player, model, entertainer and influencer Dale Moss

Following success as a two-sport athlete in college, Dale Moss first made it to the NFL ranks in 2012. He spent the next few years shuffling between the squads of the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers. Moss' next stop within professional football was the Los Angeles KISS, an Arena Football League franchise co-owned by KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Following his run with the AFL, Moss came back to the NFL for another run with the Chicago Bears.

Football has not been "everything" for Dale Moss, however. Simply put, he is an accomplished model, actor, public speaker and host. Moss also keeps active as an activist and volunteer, having acted as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics. Currently, as a notable athlete and fitness influencer, Moss is part of a new campaign from Michelob ULTRA in which he reflects on his relationship with Brent Decker, his high school basketball coach from South Dakota.

I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with Dale Moss about various aspects of his career, from the NFL and his experiences with KISS and the AFL, to his current collaboration with Michelob ULTRA.


I have read that you played four years of college basketball, yet only one year of college football. What led you down the football path instead of basketball?

Dale Moss: For me, I just never really wanted to think "what if?" Basketball was always my first love, but I’d also had success playing football in high school. It’s funny, I was actually recruited for both basketball and football coming out of high school. After college, I just really wanted to give football a shot. I knew I had the athletic abilities and I never really wanted to think "what if?"

People didn’t think I’d be able to make the transition, but I knew I had the support of my family and friends and knew if I put in the time and effort, I could find success. I also had some great teammates and coaches who helped me through the transition.

Beyond playing football in college, you have played in both the NFL and the Arena Football League. Is there a career highlight you are proudest of?

Dale Moss: Definitely the NFL, that was a huge accomplishment for me. I was able to sign and spend 4-plus years in the NFL and really give back to my coaches and the community. I didn’t really know what to expect going in, but in the end, I was really able to prove myself.

Speaking of the AFL, you played on the Los Angeles KISS squad. What was that experience like? Had you spent much time in Los Angeles before that?

Dale Moss: I had spent time in L.A. before joining the Los Angeles KISS squad. Arena football was a learning experience for me and gave me another opportunity to keep my NFL dream going. I had decided to do it as a way to stay in shape and create some film in the offseason – and it also allowed me the opportunity to go to L.A. I’ve always known I wanted a career in speaking and entertainment, and being in L.A. really allowed me to start exploring that.

Did being on the team lead to any interactions with members of KISS?

Dale Moss: Oh yeah, we were around Gene Simmons and his partners all the time. They were invested, and really wanted the team to be a part of their family. They’d even host team dinners in their homes. It was really cool to be a part of it.

Had you been familiar with the band KISS before landing that spot on the team?

Dale Moss: Actually, KISS is the number one reason I wanted to go to L.A. and be on the Los Angeles KISS squad. There was so much excitement and media surrounding it. Those guys are industry leaders, they’re icons. They’re the kind of people I wanted to be around as I looked to kick off my career in entertainment.


Have you thought about pursuing broadcasting beyond your playing career in football?

Dale Moss: Definitely, I never want to lose touch with sports. I actually really admire guys like Ryan Seacrest and Michael Strahan who have come in and built a brand for themselves. It’s exactly what I’m hoping to do as I work to build a brand for myself as a speaker and across the entertainment industry.

Do you still watch a lot of football?

Dale Moss: Definitely, football is a huge portion of my life. It’s something that’s given so much to me. And now I find myself looking at it as both a player and from the media perspective. It’s funny, I think I have a better understanding now of football and athletics and all that goes into it than I did when I was on the field.

Football aside, you are currently collaborating with Michelob ULTRA. How did that come about?

Dale Moss: I am! I was actually invited to one of Michelob ULTRA’s events in New York City last year that was all about fitness and total-body wellness. That really resonated with me. Right now, I’m working with Michelob ULTRA as part of their #ULTRADAD campaign, a tribute to the coaches and mentors who have taken on the role of a father figure in someone’s life. As part of the campaign, I had the chance to share a tribute to my high school basketball coach who was and continues to be a crucial influence in my life. You can catch a glimpse of it in Michelob ULTRA’s “Dear ULTRAdad” film on Michelob ULTRA’s YouTube page.

We’re also asking people to share a tribute to their own father figures on social media using the #ULTRAdad hashtag. For each tribute shared with the hashtag, Michelob ULTRA will donate $1 to Up2Us Sports, a nonprofit organization that engages and trains coaches nationwide, to support strong father figures in local communities.

When training, is beer part of your diet?

Dale Moss: It’s all about moderation and balance. I love food and I love socializing with friends, and Michelob ULTRA is the perfect beer for people like myself who live an active lifestyle.

Have you met any of the other athletes that are part of the Michelob ULTRA campaign?

Dale Moss: I met a few of the athletes last year who are currently involved again this year. We actually have some great activities coming up and I’m really looking forward to connecting with them.

When not busy with work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Dale Moss: I just love to socialize and connect with people, whether that’s traveling, food or just really relaxing. My day to day and life, in general, can be hectic and my best experiences in life are with friends and family and centered around good times.

Finally, Dale, any last words for the kids?

Dale Moss: Absolutely. If there’s anything you want to do in life, there’s definitely a way to, but know that no one does it alone. Make sure you surround yourself with great people who will push and inspire you. If you have a mentor or coach who really believes in you, ask them questions and rely on them. Trust me, they get as much out of watching you achieve your dreams as you do. And be a good person. Treat yourself with respect and hold yourself to a higher standard, it’ll never steer you wrong.


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