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4 Ways To Keep To Your Fitness Regime While Travelling

Neil Juneja
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160   //    10 Jul 2018, 13:27 IST

In the eyes of many dedicated fitness enthusiasts and athletes, travelling is a challenging and arduous task.

For them, the idea or thought of travelling itself is accompanied by a strong feeling of reluctance. This reluctance is not due to a fear or hatred for travelling. It’s due to a fear of compromising their workout regime.

Yes, fitness is a strict discipline. In order to see success, your priorities have to be set straight and you have to make certain compromises somewhere. Thankfully for you, there’s no need to compromise on forgoing travel for this cause because there are many ways in which you can keep in-tune with your fitness regime even when you are on the move.

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Depending on the person, a fitness regime can have multiple objectives. One of the common fitness objectives is to gain muscle and lose fat. To do so successfully, managing one's diet is extremely important. And, that's precisely one challenge that travelling poses on individuals.

Travelling is synonymous with fun. And fun isn't a synonym for discipline. In fact, fun and discipline do not go hand-in-hand. Hence, maintaining one's fitness regime while on travel is as much a mental task as it is a physical task.

Suddenly, there's no gym for you to complete your workouts in. Your regular jogging trail is history. You may not even get time to jog. There's no kitchen, no fridge, and you literary say goodbye to the food that you specially prepare for yourself at home to adhere to your diet. And maybe, jet-lag proves to be your nemesis and disrupts your perfectly sound sleeping cycle.

This is not a nightmare. This is just a glimpse of how disrupting travelling can be to one's fitness regime. But yet, all's not lost. We are innovative creatures and when presented with a problem, we come up with multiple solutions.

Athletes are constantly travelling. Do you think they are unable to stick to their regime? Of course not. The 4 best ways to enjoy the experiences of travel while not compromising on your fitness are illustrated in the next few slides:

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