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5 Best Core Workouts For Men To Target Your Core And Build Strong Abs

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Side planks are wonderful for toning the abdominal muscles
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A strong and a sculpted abdomen is the goal of every fitness enthusiast. However, building a strong core takes time and one should have tremendous discipline and commitment. Have a well-planned workout that induces enough variety in your training program, which targets the abdominal muscles with translational and rotational movements.

Supplement the high-intensity abdominal workout program with a healthy diet for maximum results. Avoid having calorie-dense foods and foods that are very rich in fat content. Moreover, incorporate an active lifestyle to maintain much-required stability.

Exercise caution while working with weights as an improper form could lead to a serious injury. Beginners are advised to work with heavy weights under expert supervision.

Let us not wait any longer. Here's a look at the five best core workouts for men that are very effective in building stronger abdomen.

#1 Plate Twist

The plate twist is one of the most effective core exercises to tone and strengthen your abs. With its unique motion, the exercise activates the obliques and stabilises other abdominal muscles.

The exercise is ideal for even beginners and casual trainers, thanks to its simple yet effective motion.



Step 1: Lie down on the floor with fully extended legs. With an upright torso, slightly bend your knees to complete the initial position of the exercise. Rest your body on the glutes and the heels.

Step 2: Secure the weight plate on the sides with both hands. Bend your arms just a little to maintain proper form.

Step 3: Tighten the abdomen and swing your arms to move the weight to the right until it touches the floor.

Step 3: Hold for a moment and swing your arms to move the weight plate to the left.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Keep your elbows close to the body while performing this exercise. Avoid any unnecessary movements as it could cause a serious injury.

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