5 Best Leg Exercises To Build Strong Legs

CrossFit: Workout Regimen With A Fiercely Loyal Following
CrossFit: Workout Regimen With A Fiercely Loyal Following

Have you ever wished to show off your perfectly sculpted and super strong legs to your gym buddies? Well, it is not really impossible to do that. All you need is a list of some effective leg exercises and a well-balanced diet to achieve this fitness goal. Again, your legs are a difficult area to train but all you need is a little dedication.

Before we dive into the leg workout, there are some points you must remember:

1. Squats are important. Add weights and take it a step ahead. However, do not simply end your motion halfway. It is very important to complete the full movement if you want to see a positive difference.

2. Indulge in High-Intensity Interval Training. This gives you a kick that you need before you start with your strength and weight training.

3. Do not let your body get used to a particular workout routine. Even if it does get used to it, change the weights or exercises. Your body adapts to a particular workout and hence shocking your system is necessary.

4. Do not overdo your leg days. You need not do these exercises every day. 2-3 days a week is extremely effective as your muscles will need some time to rejuvenate.

Let us get started with exercises to help you get super strong legs!

Exercise #1

Pistol Squats

This is an advanced level exercise and hence, you will take some time to get used to it. Go slow or else you might end up hurting yourself.

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Step 1: Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Extend your arms in front of you.

Step 2: Raise one leg off the ground and balance yourself on the other one. You might need to hold on to a pole in the beginning.

Step 3: Lower your body to do a full squat by balancing yourself. You might have to use a chair in the beginning so as to build your leg strength.

Step 4: Get back up and repeat.

Do as many as you can and then switch sides.

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Next up: Barbell Back Squat

Exercise #2

Barbell Back Squat

Choose the weights carefully. If done properly, this is one of the most effective exercises to build strong legs.



Step 1: Keep your feet under the bar and get a firm grip on it.

Step 2: Pull the bar up and get under it, while keeping your chest up and your elbows down.

Step 3: Lower your body down by squatting. Remember to sit back and press your knees outwards. Go as deep as possible.

Step 4: Push through your heels and get back up. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

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Next up: Hip Thrusts

Exercise #3

Hip Thrusts


This exercise can be done with or without weights. For beginners, it's best to start without weights and once you feel confident, you may start using weights.


Step 1: Keep your shoulder on the bench and extend your arms sideways to place them firmly on it. Bend your knees and firmly place your feet on the floor.

Step 2: Engage your core and lift your hips up towards the ceiling. You need to squeeze your glutes for this movement.

Step 3: Hold this position for 2 seconds and get back to the initial position. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps each. In case you want to use weights, just place the weight on the hip crease.

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Next up: Romanian Deadlift

Exercise #4

Romanian Deadlift


This exercise is suitable to strengthen and build your hamstrings.


Step 1: Get hold of a bar and maintain a strong grip with your palms facing backwards. Pick it up and hold it at a hip level with your shoulders pulled back and your knees bent. Remember to arch your back a little.

Step 2: Lower the weight by pushing your hips back. The bar must be close to you.

Step 3: Pull your hips back forward, straighten your body and stand up straight. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

Next up: Bulgarian Split Squats

Exercise #5

Bulgarian Split Squat


This exercise can be done with dumbbells or barbells. Use whichever is available but choose weights properly.


Step 1: Get hold of two dumbbells. Hold one in each hand and let them be at your side.

Step 2: Stand about 1.5-2 feet away from a chair and position one leg behind you such that your toes are placed firmly on the chair. Adjust your body in a manner so as to make a 90 degree with the knee of your front foot when squatting down. Your knees must not go ahead of your toes.

Step 3: Stand straight and bend your knees so as to squat down.

Step 4: Hold for a second and get back up. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 on each leg.

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