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5 Burning Cardio Workouts To Reduce Fat And Shape Your Body

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Modified 11 Aug 2018, 11:54 IST
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Cardiovascular exercises are very popular amongst people looking to reduce fat and get in shape. This fact is not at all surprising as the cardio workouts are extremely effective in burning fat. Additionally, cardiovascular exercises improve blood circulation, flexibility and the overall endurance of the body.

Reducing fat and getting in shape takes time and one should have tremendous discipline and unrivalled commitment to achieve the desired results. Do not skip a beat and perform the cardio training program on a regular basis as persistence is the only way to accelerate weight loss. Furthermore, change your diet and include foods that are low in calories but still provide your body with all the essential nutrients.

Always remember to supplement cardio exercises with strength training as building muscle is also a great way to reduce fat. Moreover, strength training is very effective in addressing any muscle imbalances, which may cause complications in the future.

Prefer performing high-intensity cardio workouts over other cardiovascular exercises as these very effective in burning more calories in a short duration, and in this article, let us dive in deeper and look closer at the five cardio workouts that you could add to your training program to reduce fat and stay in shape.

#1 Mountain Climbers

The mountain climbers are very effective in building the entire abdomen region with a strong focus on the lower abdomen and the obliques. Additionally, performing this exercise at a rapid pace burns huge amounts of calories within a short span of time.



Step 1: Lie on the floor in a prone position and quickly transition yourself into a plank position such that the body is resting on the palms and the toes. Ensure that the arms are fully extended and perpendicular to the body throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 2: Explosively bring your left knee towards the chest while contracting your abdomen.

Step 3: Hold for a second and return to the initial position. Perform the same motion using the other leg to complete one rep.

Perform the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Do not sway your torso while performing this exercise.

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Published 10 Aug 2018, 23:41 IST
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