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5 Effective Cardio Workouts At Home To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

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Box Jumps are very effective in building the lower body
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Cardiovascular workouts not only improve the endurance and the overall flexibility of the body but also play a crucial role in reducing fat. The explosive movements of the cardio workouts activate a host of muscles in a single rep, leading to a higher calorie burn and faster reduction of fat.

These workouts go a long way in building lean muscle as well. However, it is advised to follow cardio exercises with weight training for a more targetted workout, which is very effective in building muscle.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that cardio workouts are just like any other training program, and one should perform proper warm-up before starting the training program to flex all the muscles and improve blood circulation. Additionally, people looking to lose weight must have a strict diet program that is low on fat and has good amounts of lean protein without depriving the body of other essential nutrients.

Let us dive in deeper and looks closer at the five cardio workouts that you could perform in the comfort of your home to lose fat and build muscle.

#1 Burpee

The burpee is a beginner-level full body exercise that is very effective in toning a host of muscles in the upper and the lower body. Moreover, with its extensive variations, this exercise offers a lot of choice to the trainer.

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Step 1: Stand straight with feet placed shoulder-width apart and quickly transition yourself into a squat. Keep your arms on the side during the initial step.

Step 2: Get into a plank position such that the arms are fully extended and perpendicular to the body. Perform one push-up and bring your feet towards the chest.

Step 3: Explosively jump upwards and clap overhead and try to land in the initial position.

Step 4: Pause for a second and prepare yourself to begin the next rep.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Perform each step twice for added resistance and improved customisability.

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Published 24 Aug 2018, 23:46 IST
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