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5 Effective Lower Ab Workouts For Men

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Michael Clark, Observer UK, October 2, 2016

The rectus abdominis is one large muscle that covers the entire abdomen region. Any abdomen workout targets this whole muscle and isolation exercises for specifically targeting the 'upper' and the 'lower' abdominal muscles are simply non-existent. However, you could still target the lower region of the abdomen with a targeted training program for maximum benefits.

Nevertheless, remember to have variety in your workout routine. This routine should include exercises that target the entire abdomen along with the obliques to avoid any muscle imbalances. Additionally, a healthy diet is crucial for building a great body, and it is quintessential that one has a diet that is a rich source of lean protein.

Building a ripped abdomen takes time and having a targetted training program along with stupendous discipline and commitment levels is the only way to go to build a strong abdomen.

Let us not wait any longer and look closer at the five best lower abdomen workouts that you should add to your workout program to build ripped abs.

#1 Bicycle Crunch

This advanced variation of the crunch activates the obliques and the lower abdomen with greater intensity. This makes the bicycle crunch one of the most effective exercises when it comes to improving the core strength.


Step 1: Lie on a flat surface in a supine position with the hands placed behind the neck. Do not lock your fingers behind the head.

Step 2: Raise your lower legs such that the thighs are perpendicular to the floor.


Step 3: Pull your right leg while also moving your left arm such that they both make contact with each other above the chest.

Step 4: Pause for a moment and return to the initial position.

Repeat the same motion using the other leg to complete one rep. Perform the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Focus on a smooth motion while performing this exercise and avoid any unnecessary torso movements.

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