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5 Killer Upper Arm Workouts To Build Huge Arms

  • Do you want solid upper arms? Simply do these exercises!
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Modified 21 Feb 2019, 13:12 IST
Weightlifting - Commonwealth Games Day 1
Weightlifting - Commonwealth Games Day 1

It can be difficult to get solid upper arms. Obviously, there are some arm workout tips that you must follow to make sure that you get the best possible results. However, not everyone is informed about the same. Firstly, let us look at some very important points and tips that will help you through your journey.

1.    Do not train excessively. Overtraining will not only prevent you from getting the best results but it will also lead to muscle exertion and soreness. It is a myth that working on your arms 7 days a week will get you ripped. It will lead to injuries, nothing else.

2.    Just working on your arms will make you look funny. Why? Imagine this, your arms are on point, but your shoulders, back and your legs are nowhere close to it. Will it make sense? Try and incorporate a routine for different body parts and aim for an overall development.

3.    Diet is important. Remember, getting bigger arms does not mean getting a thick layer of fat on it. It means building muscle and mass. Therefore, do not assume that diet is not important. It should, after all, be 70 percent of your efforts.

4.    Do keep a check on what you do. When your arms start getting used to the exercise routine, change the routine a little. Keep challenging your muscles and do not stagnate. If you notice that even though you are working religiously, your arms are not responding at all, increase the weights.

5.    Remember, 2-3 days a week is the ideal number of times you must work on your arms.

6.    Posture, technique and form are very important when it comes to arm exercises. See to it that you do not compromise with any of these just to get through your session. 

Now, let us look at an upper arms workout to build huge arms:


Exercise #1

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press


Step 1: Lie on a bench and hold a barbell. Make sure that your palms are about shoulder width apart. Extend your arms over you such that your elbows are locked. Your palms must face forward.

Step 2: Bend your elbows and lower the barbell down. Stop when it reaches the middle of your chest. Your elbows must be close to your body throughout this movement.

Step 3: Hold for a second and get back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise after pausing for a second.

Do 2 sets with 15 reps each. Do not hurry through it.

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Published 28 Sep 2018, 18:40 IST
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