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5 Proven Yoga Poses For Anxiety 

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'Artist at work - Transforming Love, Happy and Joy' Art Exhibition in Wertheim Village
'Artist at work - Transforming Love, Happy and Joy' Art Exhibition in Wertheim Village

Believe it or not, yoga not only helps in losing weight and maintaining a specific fitness level, but also helps in treating anxiety and depression. We all have jitters at some point in our life. Even though we might take medicines it is not always our first choice. There needs to be something better than just popping pills and there is!

Yoga has been known to calm down your senses since time immemorial. It is mainly because it promotes a specific kind of a breathing pattern that not only enhances the mind and body connectivity but also gives a sense of relaxation and calmness.

A lot of people have equated yoga with meditation. They have gone to the extent of saying that yoga, in spite of being a form of physical exercise, gives a boost to your energy and does not drain you out. It helps you manage your emotional problems and acts as a technique that promotes self-soothing. Yoga, if done keeping in mind the necessary breathing techniques, can really help with relaxing and uplifting your mood and also reducing your anxiety and stress.

Even though we have spoken of some asanas that can help in reducing anxiety, simply lying down and practicing savasana or doing pranayamas can help with the cause, too.

Once we are clear with how yoga helps fight anxiety, let us look at a yoga session with the relevant asanas and poses.

Yoga Pose #1



Step 1: Kneel down on the floor and rest your hips on your legs. Keep your back straight. Your knees can be together or spread out, depending on your comfort level.

Step 2: Extend your arms over your head and clasp them together.


Step 3: Bend forward while keeping your hips in place and your upper arms close to your ears. Go until your palms are resting on the floor.

Step 4: Once you reach this position, loosen up. Breathe consistently and do not tense your body. Stay for as long as you can and get back up.

Do this pose for 2 minutes.

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