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5 Super Easy Core Exercises For Women To Strengthen Their Core & Get A Flat Stomach

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Modified 26 Feb 2019

We all want strong and flat abs, but where most of us go wrong is just concentrating on it. There is more to it than just abs. what you must focus on is your core. The difference between your core and your abs is the inclusion of muscle groups.

Your core includes all your abdominal muscles that are responsible for strength and stability while your abs do not include all the groups. So it is advised to concentrate on your core because you indirectly end up working on your abs too, but the other way is not possible.

Some things you must remember before working on your core are:

1.    Your core and abs muscles are not different from the other muscle groups. In the sense that, working with them every day will do more harm than good. Like you have an arm day, leg day etc. have 2-3 abs days in a week to see effective results.

2.    Do not correlate the number of reps to the effectiveness of the workout. In this case, too, the posture and the form matters a lot. Go slow but go hard.

3.    Your core strength will determine a lot of things, for example, the power to lift things without triggering a back pain or more controlled motions etc. 

4.    A core exercise must not cause any discomfort in your lower back region. If it does, check the exercise that you are doing and try again.

5.    Every core exercise that you do can be made tougher with the help of a stability ball. However, graduate to an uneven surface once you have mastered the even one.

Once we have understood the important pointers, we will move on to a super easy core exercise routine for women to strengthen their core and help them get a flat stomach.


Exercise #1


This is an exercise that is a must-do when it comes to your core strength. We will do regular planks and side planks.


Step 1: Get in the pushup position and keep your arms extended under your shoulder and your toes firmly on the ground such that your body forms a straight line from your head to your heels.

Step 2: Now, bend your elbows and rest your forearms on the floor. This is the plank position.

Do the plank position for 2 minutes with a break in the middle. In order to do the side plank, which works on your oblique and pelvic muscles, you need to lie on one side, keep your legs on one another, with your lower forearm on the ground.

Important tip: The other arm will be on your hips. You need to then lift your body in the air and hold for 30 seconds. Do 1 minute of side plank on each side.

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Published 20 Jul 2018, 11:51 IST
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