7 Best Exercises You Can Do at the Gym to Lose Belly Fat

Several gym exercises can help you lose belly fat. (Photo by Andres Ayrton via pexels)
Several gym exercises can help you lose belly fat. (Photo by Andres Ayrton via pexels)

If you want to lose belly fat, the best you can do is incorporate some effective core-focused exercises into your workout routine.

If you think you can spot-target belly fat, here’s a dose of reality: spot reduction is impossible, which means you can do as many crunches and sit-ups as you want and still won’t get a flat stomach if you're not losing your overall body weight.

The good news is that it's not difficult to get rid of that extra fat around your abdomen. There are some great gym exercises that can help torch fat all over your body and give you more chiselled abdominal muscles. Performing a variety of workouts combining strength, core and cardio can eventually help you shed body fat while also reducing belly fat.

Best Gym Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Here's a look at seven best gym exercises to lose belly fat:

1) Burpees

Burpees are an explosive workout that helps sculpt your core and targets every muscle from the toe to the head at the same time.

To do it:

  • Stand tall, and keep your feet at a shoulder-width distance.
  • Lower your body, and rest your palms on the ground while kicking your legs behind into a push-up position.
  • Reverse the movement, and jump when you come back to the initial position.
  • Repeat.

2) Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing is one of the most productive calorie-reducing exercises that you can do at the gym to reduce your belly fat. This exercise engages some big fat-burning muscles, including your quads, glutes and hamstrings, and also gets your heart rate up right away.

To do it:

  • Stand upright, and hinge at your hips to hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of you.
  • Lean back slightly, and place the kettlebell between your legs.
  • Engage your core; squeeze your glutes, and swing the kettlebell to your shoulder height by thrusting your hips forcefully.
  • Repeat.

3) Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are another calorie-burning plyo movement that targets several muscle groups at once and also helps shed fat around your stomach.

To do them:

  • While standing with your feet at a shoulder-width distance, bend at your hips, and push your butt to take a squat position.
  • Press your feet, and jump as high as you can, allowing your knees to bend at a 45-degree angle.
  • Land immediately as softly as you can, and again lower your body into a squat position.
  • Repeat.

4) Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

To do it:

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand, and press them overhead with your palms facing each other.
  • Make sure you don’t lift your shoulders by your ears.
  • While maintaining this position, step forward into a lunge, and take your back leg forward to step both feet together.
  • Walk forward, alternating legs.

5) Thrusters

Thrusters are a multi-joint movement that includes a squat combined with a squat and a shoulder press. This exercise targets your abs, quads, glutes, arms and shoulders while reducing belly fat and improving your overall cardiovascular fitness.

To do them

  • Hold two dumbbells or kettlebells, and rest them on the back of your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees slightly, and squat down while keeping your legs aligned with your shoulders.
  • Drive through your legs, and extend them, straightening your arms above your head.
  • Squat down again, and repeat the exercise.

6) Mountain Climbers

A mountain climber is another belly fat-burning exercise that requires your core muscles to work overtime so that your body remains straight and stable as you lift your foot off the floor.

To do it:

  • Get into a push-up position with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from your heels to your head.
  • Lift your left foot off the ground, and drive through your left knee towards your chest.
  • Slowly tap the ground with your left foot, and return it to its starting position.
  • Alternate legs, and repeat the exercise.

7) Russian Twists

The Russian Twist helps improve the oblique definition while giving you a chiselled belly. This exercise can typically be performed with a weight plate or medicine ball and involves rotation of your torso from one side to the other, keeping your body in a sit-up position.

To do it:

  • Sit up straight with your knees bent and feet off the ground.
  • Hold a medicine ball or a weight plate at your chest height, and lean slightly forward with your torso at a 45-degree angle.
  • Make sure to keep your arms 2 to 3 inches away from your chest.
  • Start to rotate your torso to the left; pause, and squeeze your left oblique muscles.
  • Immediately turn your torso to the right; pause, and squeeze your right obliques.
  • Remember that the turning movement should only come from your ribs and not your forearms.


Incorporating a few of the aforementioned exercises into your everyday gym workout can help you lose belly fat and also sculpt your entire body. However, make sure you eat nutritious food, and include protein and all the good fats in your diet.

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