7 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Strength Training 

Kettlebells can help you increase your core strength considerably (Image by Taco Fleur)
Kettlebells can help you increase your core strength considerably (Image by Taco Fleur)

For the past few years, kettlebell exercises have been at the top of trainers' must-do workout lists. And for a good reason: traditional swings with these kettlebells have been shown to increase core strength by 70%, according to a study. Also, switching to single-arm movements puts your stability to the test and targets your abs.

Are you ready to incorporate kettlebells exercises to your workouts? In this article, we go through the advantages of kettlebell training with the greatest kettlebell exercises and regimens for burning fat, building muscle, and increasing fitness.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises

Great for posterior chain muscles

Kettlebell swings can help you raise your heart rate and burn fat, but they excel when it comes to strengthening your posterior chain muscles — the muscles on the backside of your body.

Kettlebell exercises usually have a high rep range, which means numerous muscles are exercised simultaneously. If done at a constant tempo, they can provide similar cardio advantages to HIIT exercises.

Easy to use

Kettlebells are one of the easiest weights to move around during a workout due to their design, and they can be readily kept anywhere from your vehicle boot to your garden shed or garage.

Seven best kettlebell exercises for strength training

1) Anchored swing

Anchored swings. (Image credits: Pexels/ Binyamin Mellish)
Anchored swings. (Image credits: Pexels/ Binyamin Mellish)

This adds a sophisticated twist to the tried-and-tested kettlebell swing, which exercises your core, glute muscles, hamstrings, and shoulders while burning calories. One kettlebell will be swung while the other is held at your side.

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a kettlebell in your right hand
  • Keep your other arm stretched down in front of your hips.
  • Hinge forward at the hips and swing the kettlebell between your legs with your right hand.
  • Then press your hips forward, tighten your glutes, and extend your right arm straight out in front of you to chest height.

2) Kettlebell Clean (Cross-Body)

The clean is an aggressive action kettlebell exercise that trains your entire body while increasing your muscular endurance, power, and coordination. You'll also target your obliques.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place a kettlebell between your feet.
  • Turn your body toward the kettlebell by pivoting on your right foot and leaning down to grip it in your right hand.
  • By pushing with your left leg and drawing the kettlebell diagonally until it's at chest height, clean the weight across your torso.
  • As you move the kettlebell to the front of your right shoulder, let it slip over your hand to your wrist.
  • Return to your starting position.

3) Goblet Squat with a kettlebell

Goblet squats. (Image credits: Freepik)
Goblet squats. (Image credits: Freepik)

Goblet squats are a must do kettlebell exercise foe building stronger and well defined legs.

  • Stand with your toes pointed out and your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Hold a kettlebell close to your chest with both hands around the sides of the handle.
  • Slowly bend both knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Maintain straight back and forward elbows.
  • Using your leg muscles, stand up to your starting position while keeping your upper body steady. Plant your feet firmly to the ground.
  • Rep 6–8 times more.

4) Lunge with a kettlebell

Lunges. (Image credits: Freepik)
Lunges. (Image credits: Freepik)

Kettlebell lunges work the glutes, quads, and hamstrings the same way as regular lunges do. It's also a great balanced kettlebell exercise.

  • Stand tall with your legs together.
  • With your arm by your side, hold the kettlebell in your right hand by the handle.
  • Keep your shoulders back and your chest up.
  • Step forward with one leg, bending your knee and maintaining your other foot in place.
  • Push up with your forward leg to raise your body to a standing position after a brief pause.
  • Switch sides when you've completed your reps on one leg, so the kettlebell is in your left hand, and your right leg is stepping forward.

5) Single Leg Deadlift with Kettlebell

The single leg kettlebell deadlift proves to be a full body workout using kettlebells that will enhance your balance, develop your core, and sculpt your leg's posterior muscles (your hamstrings and glutes).

  • Stand on your right leg with a tiny bend in your knee.
  • Hold a kettlebell in your left hand with your left arm down at your side.
  • Lean forward with your torso parallel to the floor, maintaining a straight back. Raise your left leg behind you and lower the kettlebell to the floor.
  • Bend your left elbow and pull the kettlebell up to your chest while keeping this position.
  • Extend your arm once again.
  • Pull the kettlebell up toward your chest as you lower your left leg back to the ground.
  • Allow it to travel over your hand to your wrist before pulling it toward the front of your right shoulder and standing tall.
  • That counts as one rep. Rep on the opposite side for 4 to 6 reps.

6) Pushups with a Kettlebell

Kettlebell pushups. (Image credits: Freepik)
Kettlebell pushups. (Image credits: Freepik)

When performing this kettlebell exercise, always keep your wrists straight and never bend them. If you feel unbalanced or if your wrists cannot support your weight, come to a halt.

  • Place two kettlebells on the floor about shoulder-width apart.
  • Take a pushup position while holding the handle of each one. If a modified pushup position is more manageable for you, go ahead and do that.
  • Lower your body toward the floor while keeping your core engaged and back straight.
  • Exhale and drive your body back up to its starting position when your chest is even with the kettlebell handles.
  • Rep with caution, making sure not to arch your back.
  • Start with one set and repeat 6 to 8 times.

7) Shoulder Press with Kettlebell

Shoulder press with kettlebells: the best was reserved for last!

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • With your right hand, hold a kettlebell by the handle. Your elbow should be close to your body.
  • Exhale and raise the kettlebell until your arm is nearly straight overhead.
  • Return the kettlebell to its starting position slowly, keeping your wrist and forearm in a neutral position and your elbow close to your body.
  • Switch arms after 6 to 8 repetitions with one arm.

In the beginning, kettlebell exercises may require some patience. They can, however, offer results in both muscle strength and aerobic fitness if done correctly.

With a single kettlebell, you may target multiple muscle groups at once. As a result, it's an excellent total-body workout tool. The best way to master these kettlebell exercises is to begin slowly and with the assistance of a competent personal trainer, if feasible. Once you've mastered the movements with proper technique and lesser weight, you can progress to a greater weight and higher reps and sets with these kettlebell exercises.