7 Most Calorie-Intensive Exercises to Lose Weight

There are specific exercises that can speed up weight loss (Image via Unsplash/Gabin Vallet)
There are specific exercises that can speed up weight loss (Image via Unsplash/Gabin Vallet)

While weight loss is a long journey, some exercises burn more calories than others. These exercises help you lose weight faster, provided you are regular with them.

While it is true that cardio exercises burn more calories, resistance training increases your calorie-burning potential for hours after exercise. This is because the body requires oxygen to recover muscles after being impacted by weights.

So, it’s important to have a healthy combination of cardio and weight training every week to lose weight effectively.

7 best exercises to lose weight

There are tons of exercises to help you lose weight (Image via Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart)
There are tons of exercises to help you lose weight (Image via Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart)

Here are some of our top picks for calorie-burning exercises. It is important to note that the calories you burn depend largely on your current weight, height, and energy levels. The results may vary from person to person.

You may use a smartwatch or any sports band to measure your calorie expenditure during these exercises.

1) Running

Not only is running a great way to tone your legs, but it is also a high-impact, high-energy exercise. It torches high amounts of calories in just 30 minutes and is a fantastic way to build on your endurance.

Running just three to four times a week will bring about massive improvements in your stamina.

2) Swimming

You’ve probably heard of swimmers going all out on their meals and consuming extremely high calories daily.

This is because swimming places extreme demands on your energy. It is an intense, full-body exercise that leaves you flat after just half an hour.

3) Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a superb way to build on endurance, improve quickness and stimuli response rate, and of course, lose weight.

Kickboxing has emerged as a form of self-defense in recent years, and that’s never a bad thing. It’s like multiple benefits all wrapped up into one exercise.

4) Cycling

Who doesn’t like cycling? The breeze, the views, the way your body glides through the air. It’s also an effective exercise to lose weight.

If you don’t have a bicycle or access to the outdoors at safe hours or during prime weather conditions, indoor stationary bikes work just as well. In fact, they even come equipped with monitors to track the calories you burn every minute.

5) Kettlebell circuits

Kettlebells are commonly associated with strength training. However, they also make great props for cardio circuits.

You can combine two forms of training into one, gaining the benefits of both - burning calories on the job (and for hours after) while building muscle.

6) Rowing

While it is hard to gain access to a rowboat and a body of water, rowing machines are found more abundantly in fitness centers.

They also usually come equipped with a monitor to check your stats as you go about performing the exercise.

7) Plyometric circuits

Plyometrics, also known as jump training, is an exhausting but effective way to burn calories and fat.

Although it may take some time to get used to, you’ll soon see just how beneficial it is in shedding fat and improving your stamina.

While these exercises may help you get rid of a lot of calories, it is important to remember that exercising to shed weight goes hand in hand with nutrition. Make sure you’re eating clean and following a good diet. Don’t pile on excess calories just because you are shedding them.

Keep at it, up the intensity every week, and watch what you’re eating. You will be on your way to seeing great results. Also, don't forget to stretch!

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