5 Best Abduction Exercises to Strengthen Your Glute Muscles

(Image via Pexels/Serg Alesenko)
Abduction exercises can help strengthen your glute muscles! (Image via Pexels/Serg Alesenko)

If you want to strengthen your glute muscles, incorporating abduction exercises into your workout routine is essential.

Abduction exercises will help you get a round butt along with helping you build strength in your hips. These abduction exercises help prevent lower body injuries along with balancing the development of both your legs.

We have created a list of five fantastic and amazing abduction exercises that will help you strengthen your glute muscles.

Best Abduction Exercises to Strengthen Your Glute Muscles

1. Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are a basic abduction exercise which not only helps to strengthen glute muscles but also helps in building strength in your core region. This exercise will also enable you to get slimmer thighs through toning.


Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Begin this exercise by assuming the standard tabletop position on the ground on both your knees and palms.
  • Make sure that your feet are flexed with hands straight and knees bent at an angle of ninety-degrees.
  • Next, with your ankle in line with your knee raise your right knee off the ground and open it to the side.
  • Make sure to keep your core tight as you elevate your leg to the side and upwards.
  • Bring the said leg back to the ground before repeating. Swap sides and repeat.

2. Banded Clam Shells

Banded clam shells are also a popular and great abduction exercise that will strengthen your glute muscles along with facilitating the toning of your inner thighs.


Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Start by laying down on one side with one arm gently placed under your head and legs stacked one over the other.
  • Loop a resistance band on both your legs just above your knees and position your other hand gently over your waist.
  • Both your feet should be positioned together with your legs somewhat bent.
  • Elevate your knee which is stacked at the top along with stretching the resistance band as you move your knees apart.
  • Make sure that your upper body is unmoved during the exercise. Repeat.

3. Side Lying Leg Lifts

Side lying leg lifts are also effective abduction exercises which will engage both your core and glute muscles. This exercise will also allow you to get a strong butt.


Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Begin a side lying leg lift by lying on one side of your body with a resistance band looped across both your legs and just above the ankles.
  • Elevate the upper body support on your forearms and elbows with both your legs completely straight.
  • Raise your leg at the top towards the ceiling as much as you can before lowering it back with control. Repeat.
  • Swap sides and repeat.

4. Lateral Banded Walks

Lateral banded walks are popular abduction exercises that will provide you with several advantages including building hip stability, strengthening glute muscles, improving hip mobility, and more.


Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Start in an upright standing position with your feet apart at shoulder distance.
  • Slightly bend your knees and bring your body into half squats.
  • Take one step sideways with one foot followed by the other. Repeat.

5. Banded Jumping Jacks

Banded jumping jacks are among the easier abduction exercises which will help in calorie-burning besides strengthening glute muscles.


Here's how to do this exercise:

  • Begin the banded jumping jacks by looping your resistance band on both your legs and just around your ankles.
  • Your arms should be hanging at the sides of your body with your spine lengthened and core tight.
  • Next, jump outwards and to the side with both your legs while simultaneously raising your hands to the sides and bringing them over your head.
  • Jump back inward and bring your feet back together and hands to the side of the body. Repeat.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned hip abduction exercises are the best and most efficient workouts, which will help you strengthen glute muscles in addition to providing you with numerous other advantages.

Some of the common benefits provided by these abduction exercises are reducing the chances of lower body injury, maintaining balance between both your legs, and more. For well-rounded development of hips, you should definitely incorporate these hip abduction exercises into your workout routine.

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