“Getting in a Stretch Position, I Feel, Always Grows My Triceps” – Here’s How Chris Bumstead Trains Chest for Olympia 2022 Preps

Chris Bumstead
Chris Bumstead's chest workouts. (Photos via Instagram/brokenfitness and fitnessunion_ig)

Three-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia Champion Chris Bumstead aka Cbum took to his YouTube channel to share his chest and triceps workout as part of his Olympia 2022 prep. He worked out at the Maximum Fitness gym in Phoenix, AZ and uploaded the video to his channel on September 23, 2022.

Previously, the bodybuilder has also shared his shoulder workout as part of his prep for Olympia 2022.

In the recent video, the IFBB pro bodybuilder is seen performing a few good reps of chest exercises using cables and other machines. He particularly adds triceps exercises at the end of his chest workouts to add extra volume and also because he recovers from triceps training quickly.

Emphasizing that triceps exercises offer a great stretch, Bumstead said, “Getting in a stretch position, I feel, always grows my triceps”.

Chris Bumstead’s detailed chest and triceps workout

Before kickstarting the workout, CBum performed a few rotator cuff exercises using resistance bands to warm up his ligaments and joints for the intense session ahead.

Pec deck flyes

Bumstead began training with two to three sets of pec deck flyes to warm up his chest muscles. He performed the exercise on a pec deck machine, as according to the bodybuilder himself, it allows him to focus more on the eccentric and concentric motions of the exercise.

Various studies also suggest that the pec deck allows for more chest activation as compared to chest presses, cable crosses, push-ups and dumbbell flyes. Chris Bumstead performed a few sets of this exercise and jumped on to the next one.

Incline dumbbell presses and neutral grip incline dumbbell presses

Next in Bumstead’s chest training was the incline dumbbell presses for his upper pec. He started the exercise with 80-pound dumbbells and then went on with 150-pound dumbbells. The bodybuilder did four light sets of incline presses using a neutral grip to allow his elbows over his body for a serious contraction.

Hammer press

Chris Bumstead started with a few warm-up sets on the hammer press machine and then knocked out 4 working sets. He used four 45-pound weight plates on each side of the machine, followed by three and a quarter plates, and three 45-pound plates on each side for the final set.

Cable crossovers and pec deck flyes

Bumstead’s next exercise included a combination of press and cable crossovers. Both exercises help develop power movement and also offer full contraction of the chest muscles to achieve a pump. In the video, Chris Bumstead revealed that his shoulder injury prevents him from performing specific exercises, and thus, he has to be very creative to work on his progress. He performed this exercise as the finisher of his chest training.

Rope pushdowns and overhead cable triceps extensions

Turning to his triceps, Bumstead then completed a few sets of rope pushdowns to add some gain to his forearm muscles. He stated in the video that he adds triceps exercises at the end of his chest workouts in order to add extra volume and also because he feels that he recovers from triceps training fast.

Lastly, he performed seated overhead cable extensions to burn out his triceps even more.

This wraps up another training session from the Classic Physique Olympia champion.

Watch Chris Bumstead’s chest and triceps workout full video here.

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