What is Courteney Cox’s diet and exercise routine that has kept her in shape all these years?

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Courteney Cox works hard with exercise and diet routine to stay in shape. (Image via Instagram)

Courteney Cox is an American actress who has gained worldwide recognition as Monica Geller on the television series Friends. She has worked on several movies and series such as Just Before I Go, Barnyard, Bedtime Stories, Scream, Cougar Town, and more. Cox also has several accolades to her name, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and more.

Apart from being one of the most beloved sitcom actresses, Courteney Cox has aged gracefully with utter commitment and dedication to her exercise and diet routine. Even at 58, she looks just as beautiful and graceful as she looked 30 years back.

So, let’s look at the exercise and diet routine of the actress that helps her stay healthy and in shape.

Courteney Cox's exercise routine

Leading an active lifestyle has always been Courteney Cox’s fitness philosophy, which she will not change anytime soon. She has always loved working out as it helps with both physical and mental health. Cox usually trains for an hour and a half, which has completely changed her health. However, with her busy schedule, she cannot stay as consistent as she would have liked.

Courteney Cox swears by the Tracy Anderson method for her fitness routine. This usually includes small and repetitive movements of the body for toning muscles. Cox feels that this method has resulted in vast improvements to her body, with her arms looking more sculpted than ever and her overall body looking more toned.

Cox also includes cardio exercises throughout the week, including running, boxing, hiking, and playing tennis. She likes to mix things up in her exercise routine. For instance, alternating between running and walking every two minutes. This keeps her heart rate elevated and helps her burn a decent amount of calories.

Cox has often showcased her boxing skills on social media, which not only helps in burning a high number of calories but also in strengthening muscles throughout the body.

Pilates and Budokon yoga is also crucial to Courteney Cox’s exercise routine. Pilates help strengthen and tone the body and build a better mind and body connection. Budokon yoga is an amalgamation of martial arts, calisthenics, and yoga that helps burn many calories.

Courteney Cox's diet routine

Courteney Cox’s diet is not overly restrictive. However, she prefers healthier food options over junk meals. She always tries to find healthy recipes for the food that she likes. This not only helps her to stay fit but also allows her to eat appetizing food. She often shares these recipes and videos on social media for her audience.

Courteney makes sure to eat a well-rounded diet that consists of fat, fiber, carbs, and protein. However, she prefers having carbs in smaller amounts and from healthier sources such as vegetables. This helps her stay satiated for a more extended period with good energy levels throughout the day.


Cox prefers having eggs for her breakfast as they are a decent source of protein and starts off her day by drinking a good amount of water.


Courteney’s lunch is usually the same: Cobb salad, garbanzo beans, and turkey bacon. It consists of loads of vegetables, cheese, avocados, chicken, and eggs.


Cox keeps her dinner relatively simple with a lean protein source such as fish, turkey, or steak, along with vegetables.

Courtney likes to stay hydrated throughout the day and tries to consume at least two liters of water every day. She loves vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and spinach. Cox also prefers green juices that not only keep her physically fit but also help her get glowing skin.

However, that does not mean that she only eats greens in her diet. Occasionally, Courteney Cox indulges in her cravings, such as sweet potato fries and pasta.

Courteney Cox credits the diet for making her look fit and healthy even in her fifties. Additionally, she ensures to consume proper vitamins and minerals such as Omega and Vitamin-D tablets from tablets or supplements.

Bottom Line

Courteney Cox believes that staying fit is not only about the physical outlook or getting a bikini body, but it is also about being healthy, and being the best version for herself and her family.

She incorporates several workouts into her exercise routine, ranging from Pilates, gym sessions, and cardio movements to Budokon yoga.

Her exercise routine is designed to burn calories and fat while strengthening and sculpting her body. Cox coupled the exercise routine with a healthy diet routine to enhance the overall health and fitness of the body.

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