Did Bruce Willis have a heart attack? Debunking the viral online claim

Bruce Willis (Image Via Getty Images)
Bruce Willis (Image via Getty Images)

The rumor of Bruce Willis having a heart attack has gone viral after a Facebook post centered around the alleged demise of the famous action movie star. That was in November 2022 when there was a hoax about the actor's health.

With the advent of social media, it has become easy for rumors to reach a larger part of the population within a short period. However, fact-checkers have come out with the truth, which immediately debunked the hoax about Willis.

Bruce Willis: Debunking the rumor about his heart attack

Willis' battle against aphasia

Before jumping to any conclusion, every Bruce Willis fan should know that their favorite Hollywood movie star has been going through some addressable health issues in recent years.

In March 2022, a report said that he has been battling aphasia, which is a cognitive disorder that affects a person's ability to express and understand language.

Aphasia is a neurological condition that impairs a person's ability to comprehend or produce language. It can affect speech, understanding, reading and writing. In Bruce Willis's case, aphasia has caused challenges in his ability to communicate with almost everyone.

However, he did not give up and fought his way through it, staying engaged in various projects.

Refuting the false claim

As diehard fans and well-wishers of Willis wanted to know about the actor's health after the rumor went viral, they assumed that there's a link between aphasia and heart attack. That's because 20% of patients diagnosed with aphasia have a heart attack at some point in their life.

So they assumed that his reported death was caused by a heart attack, and the hoax spread like wildfire. Several reputed fact-checkers got to work and concluded that it was indeed a hoax.

Later, Willis' family members confirmed the truth about the actor and his well-being. Fans are happy that their favorite movie star from Die Hard and Pulp Fiction is still enjoying his life and working on new projects.

Bruce Willis enjoying Disneyland with his family (Image Via Mega)
Bruce Willis enjoying Disneyland with his family (Image Via Mega)

The viral claim of Bruce Willis having a heart attack leading to his demise is entirely baseless and has been debunked by reputed fact-checking sources.

While Willis has been dealing with aphasia, which affects his language abilities, he's still alive and actively involved in the film industry. Additionally, he welcomed his granddaughter recently and was seen enjoying his vacation at Disneyland with his family.

It's always advisable to review reports like Willis' demise and make sure that they're backed up by trusted sources.

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