Does Andrew Tate Have Lung Problems? A Look into the Jailed Social Media Star

Does Andrew Tate have lung problems (Image via Instagram)
Does Andrew Tate have lung problems? (Image via Instagram)

What medical condition does Andrew Tate have? Does Andrew Tate have lung problems? These questions have been constantly raised by his followers on social media after reports that the influencer visited the hospital while he was in custody.

Tate has been in the limelight for his controversial views, including racist and misogynistic statements along with his lifestyle and hedonism. This article provides some insight into the medical condition that Tate might be suffering from.

Tate is known for his controversial statements (Image via Instagram)
Tate is known for his controversial statements (Image via Instagram)

Andrew Tate May Have a Health Issue

Recent reports from Romanian publications and Tate’s lawyer addressed the issue that control was necessary. Even prior to his custody, the social media star was suffering from a serious health problem that required special supervision. His attorney also claimed that they will be filing against the decision to keep the social media influencer in custody because of his health problems. This whole ordeal seems to be quite confusing and Andrew Tate’s fans suspect foul play.

Earlier, it was believed that this medical emergency could be because of Tate’s asthma problem. Others believe that the social media star might be suffering from a heart condition leading to his hospitalization.

Andrew Tate Rumored to Have Lung Problems

According to reports from Romania, Andrew Tate was taken to a hospital in Bucharest as he might have developed lung nodules. Most of the time, lung nodules and pulmonary nodes tend to be benign and harmless. However, they can also turn cancerous and therefore require regular medical examinations.

Since then, reports have been making rounds that Tate might have visited the hospital because of a cancer scare. Tate also posted on Twitter but remained very vague about the health issue. Rumors about whether Andrew has lung problems are yet to be confirmed by any official sources.

Lung nodules can be understood as the formation of small clumps in the cells in your lungs, which usually do not cause any symptoms. They more than often have scar tissue due to past lung infections. Some of the symptoms of this disease include wheezing, unexplained weight loss, chest discomfort, exhaustion, hoarseness, and more.

Reports have also claimed that Tate was suffering from a serious health problem even before his preventive detention in Romania and that he himself asked for a doctor's check-up in jail. However, followers of Tate believe that the social media influencer will never ask to visit a doctor or take medication, increasing their suspicion of foul play.

Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Tate, along with his accomplices and brother, was arrested at his luxury villa in Romania on account of organized crime, rape, and human trafficking. There were also reports about the possibility of money laundering. According to a Newsweek report, Tate has complained about the inhumane conditions of the prisons in Romania with insects such as bed bugs, lice, and cockroaches and there being no light.

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