How Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” Built His Superhero Quads for Latest DC Movie

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson's approach to staying motivated in workouts relies more on arguing with himself. (Image via Instagram @therock)

Dwayne Johnson AKA 'The Rock' has been on a roll recently, with his new movie Black Adam about to hit the screens.

Also known on social media as “the most electrifying man in entertainment”, the action star is renowned for sharing his workouts with fans. His latest Instagram post features him performing modified step-ups with a pre-made box to give himself a height advantage.

The Rock held modified step-ups for repetitions, dropping the weight so that he could lift it for each rep while maintaining form. As one of the most prolific movie stars in Hollywood, it makes sense for 'The Rock' to bring attention to a specific part of his body when preparing for various roles.

Dwayne Johnson's Step-Ups to Develop His Leg Muscles

The Rock trains at his private home gym, Iron Paradise. He hasn't let up on his mission to bring an improved build to every movie project.

Johnson has kept millions of followers updated on his workout endeavors, including the Pit Shark squat, which he used as a high-volume finisher to sculpt huge legs.

The Rock prefers to perform slow, controlled reps when he’s working out. He also pays attention to the tempo of the negative portion of each exercise to increase time under tension.

One of his philosophies is to be “the hardest worker in the room,” and The Rock tries to use that mentality to his benefit while training. Whether it’s late at night or when dealing with a busy schedule, Johnson always makes sure he gets a good pump in.

Johnson posted a recent Instagram video demonstrating one of the workouts he used to get ripped for his Black Adam role.

Starting out with a weighted version of the exercise, Johnson switched to bodyweight after achieving failure so that he could end the last set without putting any additional stress on his joints.

Step-ups are a great exercise for building lower body strength. This exercise can help build core strength and stability over time, which makes doing other exercises easier. Many people use this exercise to build up strength for more difficult movements.

Johnson's approach to staying motivated in workouts relies less on mindfulness and more on arguing with himself. When he feels fatigued during a workout, he tries to remember the days when he struggled financially and how they eventually changed him for the better.

Despite being one of the world's most popular rappers, Johnson doesn't miss an opportunity to pump iron.

He recently met up with NFL player Aaron Donald for a brutal workout at the LA Rams Gym. One of his recent training sessions included a series of exercises that focused on lower body strength, including Pit Shark squats.


Dwayne Johnson, who has been in the spotlight for decades, isn’t only known for his killer biceps but also for his sweet tooth.

The Black Adam star has posted plenty of photos on social media of his delicious cheat meals. Even at 50, The Rock hasn’t slowed down. In Black Adam, he will be seen in a superhero avatar with superhuman strength.

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