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5 Six Pack Abs Workout Tips - The Most Effective Ab Workout Plan

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Building six pack abs is not an easy task. However, with a well-crafted ab workout plan along with unrelenting discipline and commitment, one could expect to develop a perfect abdomen within no time.

DENVER, COLORADO, JUNE 13, 2006-- John Hutchens <cq src= carries a dumbell while working on stomach crunches while trainer Dan Demuth watches at Malena Marquez's Body Mecca Concepts boutique gym located at 1231 Elati St. in Denver. (DENVER POST STAFF PHO" />
Stomach Crunches

The plan described here works on the whole body with an intense focus on the abdomen region. Train for around five to six days in a week and take sufficient amount of rest to allow enough recovery time for the muscles.

Moreover, never skip cardio as it is quintessential for improving the overall endurance of the body. Depending on the intensity and the duration of the training session, one could see benefits in two to three months. 

Keep in mind that building a great abdomen takes time and one should approach this with a pragmatic view. Please ensure that while training with free weights, avoid reaching muscle fatigue due to larger weights rather than rep-count.

In addition to a good workout plan, always supplement it with a clean and a healthy diet. Try cutting down on the fats and include foods that are rich in protein content.

Let us not wait any longer and look into the workout plan that you need to follow to get six pack abs.

#1 Cut down the fat with leg stretches

The initial stage of the workout routine involves cutting down the extra fat in the abdomen area. Along with cutting down the fat, individuals in this stage of the workout should ensure that they develop enough flexibility and core strength to work on other challenging exercises in the workout program. 



Step 1: Lay flat on the floor with arms on the sides. Move the head and the legs towards the ceiling to form an arc.

Step 2: Slowly, move a leg upwards such that it is perpendicular to the ground. Hold for a moment and return to the starting position and try the other knee to complete the leg stretches.

Important Tip: Start the routine with lower reps and slowly increase the intensity of the training session as one moves further into the workout program. Along with the leg stretches, one could add planks with high reaches and high knees for improved control and enhanced customizability. 

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