Everything You Need to Know about Christian McCaffrey’s Workout & Diet Routine

Christian McCaffrey is very disciplined with his workout and diet (Image via Instagram)
Christian McCaffrey is very disciplined with his workout and diet. (Image via Instagram)

Christian McCaffrey is, without a doubt, one of the best footballers and running backs in the NFL right now. Before we talk about McCaffrey's workout and eating plan, let's look back at some of his most impressive athletic achievements.

After playing football at Stanford University for three years, everyone knew he was a triple threat. The Carolina Panthers took McCaffrey with the eighth pick in the 2017 NFL draft.

He was the first player in the team to run and catch for more than 100 yards in the same game. The man from Colorado also broke the record for most yards gained from scrimmage in a single game.

McCaffrey is only the third player in NFL history to get 50 yards running, 50 yards passing, and 50 yards receiving. He also broke the NFL record for most receptions in a single season for a running back.

On that note, here's a look at how he keeps his body in good shape to produce those amazing performances on the field:

Christian McCaffrey's Workout Routine

Christian McCaffrey likes to stick to a schedule, as is seen by his strict workout plan and daily life. The running back tries to get at least nine hours of sleep, waking up at 8 am and going back to bed between 10 and 10:30 pm.

His training sessions are the focus of his workouts for the entire week. Every weekday, he works on a different part of his training. For example, he works on improving his linear explosiveness on Mondays and treats and rests on Wednesdays.

McCaffrey says that his training is very focused on his sport, which means he tries to do workouts that can help him do better in the NFL.

"Someone is always watching me," McCaffrey said. "My training is very focused on my sport, so there are a lot of quick, powerful moves. It fits well with what I do on the football field, which is to move quickly in short bursts. I'll get to the top end every once in a while."

He works on his offseason training by running on the track and lifting weights. He also ikes to take care of himself and relax. That includes going to a chiropractor, getting a massage, or getting work done on soft tissues.

Here's how McCaffrey usually works out each week during the offseason:

Monday: Heavy Lifting

McCaffrey says that Mondays are his "acceleration" training days, where he does a lot of work that is like agility.

Before he does his Olympic lifts in the weight room, he does 45 minutes of dynamic warmups that focus on moving forward and backward.

  • Agility workout
  • Dynamic warmup (45 minutes)
  • Olympic lifts

Tuesday: Heavy Lifting

Every Tuesday, McCaffrey begins with some positioning work.

He puts his cleats on and do some drills for running backs. He also does deadlifts, box squats, and other similar exercises.

  • Running drills
  • HIIT workout

Wednesday: Active Recovery Day

Wednesday is usually McCaffrey's day off. He takes care of himself and takes the day off.

That includes going to the chiropractor to make sure everything in his body feels good. This day also includes time in the sauna, a pool workout, a big stretch, a contrast bath, a massage, dry needling, physical therapy, and cryotherapy.

It's also a day when Christian McCaffrey works out less, so he eats fewer calories. His calorie intake is based on his current weight and the weight he wants to be. If he loses a little weight, his macros go up.

Thursday: Heavy Lifting

Thursdays are like Mondays, but the focus is on how fast things move.

  • Agility workout
  • Dynamic warmup (45 minutes)
  • Olympic lifts

Friday: Speed and Conditioning

On Friday, Christian McCaffrey focuses on his metabolism. Every Friday, he works on his speed and fitness to keep his mechanics in good shape.

On Saturday and Sunday, McCaffrey rests his muscles and allows them to recover. He may perform some light stretching.

Christian McCaffrey's Diet and Supplements

Christian McCaffrey follows a strict diet to support his muscle gains, just like most athletes do. He eats the right amount of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to give him the energy he needs to do his best every day.

Athletes can never be too careful when it comes to what they eat. McCaffrey is very picky about what he consumes. When he first joined the NFL, he hired a personal chef to make him healthy, well-balanced meals.

Christian McCaffrey's chef drops off two meals a week and labels each one with information like what's in it and when it should be eaten. It takes a lot of thought out of things, which is something McCaffrey really likes.

He also has blood work done twice a year to find out what his allergies, sensitivities, and nutritional needs are. McCaffrey says that it's one of the most important things that has helped him eat better. Based on his test results, he had to stop eating chicken, tuna, wheat, and soy.

The football player also doesn't eat anything that can cause inflammation. That means that he can't have dairy or desserts. Christian McCaffrey gives his chef a list of foods that cause him inflammation, so the chef makes sure none of them are included in the player's meals. Even though his diet seems so strict, it works for him, as he looks strong and fit all year round.

That phase was like a mini-cleanse for him, but he seems to have loosened up a bit, saying that everything he eats now is "relevant to what I need for my best performance".


Christian McCaffrey eats breakfast, which is also his meal before he works out, two hours before he starts.

He can't eat egg whites, so he would eat egg yolks with something sweet, like a sweet potato hash with oats or fruit of his choice.


Christian McCaffrey drinks a lot of water, take another scoop of pre-workout, and some aminos after his first workout of the day to get ready for his lifting and plyometrics session.


Christian McCaffrrey has something like bison chili with potatoes, peppers, and vegetables in a stew for his lunch, which is also his meal after working out.

McCaffrey likes soups, as they're easy to eat. The NFL star goes to a recovery center after lunch to see if he needs help with his soft tissues before he goes to sleep.


Christian McCaffrrey tries to eat dinner around 7 pm after waking up from his nap so that his body has time to digest the food before he goes to bed.

He usually eats a meat dish like a steak with sweet potatoes or avocado for dinner. McCaffrey also drinks a lot of water. Every day, he tries to drink at least 1.5 gallons. Before he does anything else in the morning, he drinks a half gallon of water.


Christian McCaffrey's rigid workout and diet program have been key to his sensational performances and strength in the game. He ranks among the best players in the league, and at the rate that he's going, he could remain so for the next few years.

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