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Explosive HIIT Workout Plan To Burn Fat & Reduce Weight

CrossFit: Workout Regimen With A Fiercely Loyal Following
CrossFit: Workout Regimen With A Fiercely Loyal Following
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A lot of people have started trusting and doing the HIIT workout and we absolutely support this change. High Intensity Interval Training is a workout comprising of intense exercises and intermediate rest periods. The workout creates an oxygen deficit while training and necessitates the recovery of it during the rest period. Here are some of the benefits of this workout program and why you should definitely do it:

1.    It increases your heart rate and thus giving a boost to your metabolism, so much so, that it stays the same for close to 24 hours after completion. Have you ever thought of losing weight while sleeping? HIIT helps with that.

2.    It is not only quick but also does not require any equipment. Your body weight can be the only weight required during the workout. Hence, even if you are on the go, HIIT is the workout for you.

3.    The usual ratio between the workout period and the rest period is 1:1 or 2:1. It depends on your fitness level.

4.    HIIT does not require you to work out for long. A 30-35 minute HIIT workout is optimal. Doing it 4-5 times a week can easily help you reach your fitness goal, with a proper diet, of course!

5.    HIIT will not lead to any muscle loss. There are people who have complained of losing muscle along with fat when they choose to do cardio as their sole workout. HIIT prevents muscle loss and just burns off the fat from your body.

Once we are done seeing some important pointers, we can get started with an HIIT workout plan. We have listed 6 different plans that can be mixed and matched throughout the month.

Workout #1

The exercises mentioned below must be done in a particular order for both the sets. Now, you must do 2 sets of these exercises of 10 and 20 reps each. Start the second round, after you have completed one cycle of exercises completely. Take a 45 seconds break after each exercise.

Lingerie Fighting Championships 21 Training Session
Lingerie Fighting Championships 21 Training Session

1.    Burpees: This exercise will give you a full body workout. It will work on your shoulders, abs, calf and arms.

2.    Lunge Jumps: This is also known as split jumps and targets your hips, core, calves and hamstrings.

3.    Mountain Climbers: This exercise can be really tiring and works on your abs, shoulders, legs and oblique.

4.    Reverse Crunches: These are very effective when it comes to toning your abs.

5.    Glute Bridges: This exercise works on your abs, glutes and hamstrings.

6.    Jump Rope: This is again a full body workout that helps you lose fat from all over your body.

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Published 12 Aug 2018, 16:51 IST
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