6 Best Full-Body Exercises for Beginners

Beginners can include full-body exercises in their workout routine. (Image via Unsplash/ Outlook Photography and Studio)
Beginners can include full-body exercises in their workout routine. (Image via Unsplash/ Outlook Photography and Studio)

Full-body exercises are an effective component of a workout routine as they help in targeting multiple muscles in a short time, which makes them efficient. Besides, some full-body exercises help in enhancing cardiovascular health and losing fat by burning a large amount of calories.

To achieve your fitness goal, it is important to pack your training sessions with a wide variety of exercises that target specific muscles in your body. Thus, you can avoid the monotony of doing the same exercises every day. This is why fitness enthusiasts and many professional athletes keep modifying their workout routine by scheduling different exercises and activities.

Full-Body Exercises for Beginners

We have curated a list of the six best full-body exercises that beginners can add to their workout routine.

1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the basic full-body exercises that engage a number of muscles throughout the body, including abdominals, legs, arms, chest, and hips. This exercise will also help in burning a large amount of calories and melting fat from your core, which will give your body a shredded look. Additionally, push-ups are also good for enhancing the balance of the body along with improving movement during athletic activities.

Push-ups are an extremely convenient exercise that beginners can easily incorporate into their workout routine. There are different variations of the push-ups that you can also do, such as renegade row after building a certain level of strength and balance in your body.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are among the incredibly efficient full-body exercises that work on several muscle groups throughout the body simultaneously. The compound movement of the mountain climbers will help in strengthening the body along with burning a decent amount of calories. This will allow for effective weight management and a shredded appearance of the body.


Mountain climbers tend to be effective mobility boosters which helps in promoting your functional fitness. That is, your movements during day-to-day activities become efficient and easier. Additionally, this full-body exercise promotes cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate and boosting blood circulation.

3. Overhead Medicine Slam Balls

Overhead medicine slam balls are dynamic full-body exercises that work on your thighs, arms, shoulders, core, glutes, and back. This exercise is a major calorie burner that increases your stamina along with enhancing the functional fitness of the body. Regularly performing the overhead medicine slam balls will tone your entire body and enhance your sports performance.

The dynamic movement of the exercise will also help in enhancing the explosive power output of the body along with building muscle strength.

4. Squats

Squats are popular as they burn a large amount of calories quickly along with building lean muscle in the body. This full-body exercise significantly improves your cardiovascular health and enhances your lung capacity. Regularly doing squats will help in building mobility, flexibility, and balance in the body.


There are several modifications to the basic squats with and without weights that you can include in your workout routine after building some strength and coordination in the body. These include pistol squats, barbell squats, air squats, and jump squats.

5. Bear Crawl

Bear crawls are challenging full-body exercises that build significant core strength in the body. This exercise also helps in strengthening the shoulders along with endowing high muscular endurance and stamina.

The bear crawl supports cardiovascular health by promoting blood circulation and by increasing the heart rate. They can also be done as a warm-up routine that will get you sweating and burning in no time. There are also different variations of the bear crawl that target specific muscles in your body.

6. Hollow Body Hold

The hollow body hold is a low-impact and full-body exercise that will significantly improve your functional fitness of everyday movements and sports performance. This exercise will help you to get rid of the flab in your stomach and back and will give you a trimmed waist.


Regularly doing the hollow body hold will strengthen your back and lower your chances of back injuries. Thus, this full-body exercise will keep your spine in proper alignment and improve your posture.

Bottom Line

The full-body exercises we have discussed above bring you numerous benefits and can be easily included in the workout routine of beginners. The main advantages of these exercises are burning a large amount of calories, torching fat, toning muscles, building strength, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, and more. These exercises will also help you lay the foundation to build enough strength so you can move on to performing compound and weighted exercises.

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Edited by Ramaa Kishore