Collard Greens: Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

The nutritional content in collard greens provide with many health benefits. (Image via Pexels/Cats Coming)
The nutritional content in collard greens provide with many health benefits. (Image via Pexels/Cats Coming)

Collard green is one of the cruciferous vegetables that has many health benefits. It can be prepared similarly to vegetables such as mustard greens, cabbage and kale. Collard green has tough stems and big green leaves. The stems are removed before cooking this vegetable. Collard is available for all seasons.

It can be consumed in numerous ways, including as a vegetable, wraps and salads, and cooking with meat such as bacon. It is often used in braise and soups as well.

The nutrition present in collard contributes to a healthy diet and has many benefits. Here is all the information about collards you will need to know.

Nutritional Facts of Collard Greens

Like many green vegetables, collard greens are low in calories and high in nutritional content. Let’s have a look at the nutritional facts about this vegetable:

This vegetable has many diverse minerals and vitamins. It's one of the most efficient sources of vitamin K, making it good for bones. Vitamin A present in the vegetable helps in improving the body's resistance to infection and illness.

Vitamin C, present in collards, is good for healthy skin and hair. Collards are also a rich source of magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B-6. Each of them has different benefits.

Collard is also low in fat and carbs. It has a small amount of natural sugar and a good amount of fibre, making it a healthy choice. This vegetable also has protein but not in high quantity.

Collard greens are also rich in antioxidants that are beneficial in combating stress and improving mental health.

Health Benefits of Collard Greens

The nutritional components present in collards helps reduce many lifestyle-related risks and provides great health benefits. It can be consumed in a raw state such as in salads or cooked as vegetables or soups. Collard green is also a good alternative to Kale. Let's go through the health benefits of this vegetable:

#1 Improves Bone Health

Improved bone health is one of the major and important health benefits of collard green. It is a great source of calcium, which is important to support the function and structure of bones and teeth.

Calcium is also essential for aged people to decrease their gradual bone loss. Vitamin K present in this vegetable helps in promoting bone metabolism and bone health.

#2 Enhances Eye Health

Collards are a great source of vitamin A and other oxidants that are useful for your overall eye health. Regular intake of this vegetable can help in preventing eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and macular degeneration.

#3 Boosts Heart Health

There are ample studies that have shown that having cruciferous vegetables can help reduce the risks associated with heart disease.

Having cruciferous vegetables such as collard greens can boost your heart health more than other vegetable group. Collard greens can also help in the management of other heart parameters, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

#4 Improves Digestive Health

One of the most important health benefits of consuming collard greens is better digestive functions.

Having this vegetable can improve your intake of fibre, which helps in regulating healthy gut bacteria. A decent intake of fibre also helps in decreasing glucose levels and inflammation, which is helpful for people with diabetes.

Collard green also contains dietary sulforaphane, which helps in symptoms such as stomach pain, constipation, bloating and nausea.

#5 Healthy Hair and Skin

The presence of vitamin A in the vegetable promotes better hair growth, improved immune system and keeping the various organs healthy. Collards are also a decent source of vitamin C, which helps in providing a better structure to your hair and skin.

#6 Other Benefits

Collard greens also have other health benefits, such as better sleep, improved mood and enhanced memory functions.

Bottom Line

Having collard greens can bring an improvement to your lifestyle. They have various health benefits ranging from improved heart and bone health to healthy skin. You can also try this vegetable if you are too bored with kale, as it offers similar health benefits.

It can be considered a versatile vegetable you should include in your diet. However, there is a risk of bloating due to its high fibre content. Consult with a medical professional before having this vegetable if you are on blood-thinning medication.

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