How Can You Take Care of Your Heart Naturally? Diet Tips and Fitness Techniques

Keep your heart healthy. Image via Pexels/Los Muertos Crew
Keep your heart healthy. Image via Pexels/Los Muertos Crew

The heart is the main organ in the body that keeps us alive. Without its smooth functioning, a number of medical problems may arise and cause major inconvenience.

So how do we take care of our heart? The great part is, you don’t have to be paying hefty healthcare bills just to support heart health; it can be done through exercise, rest, and diet! A few lifestyle changes are more than enough to ensure proper functioning of your heart.

How does exercise support hearth health?

Exercise allows you to keep your body at a healthy weight range. Being overweight increases one’s risk of having a heart attack, or even cardiovascular diseases. Regular exercise reduces the amount of visceral fat (the fat surrounding organs) in the body, allowing for proper oxygen and blood supply for smooth organ function. This also prevents inflammation.

Exercise reduces stress and hypertension, which are major factors that may deteriorate heart health. Exercise slows down the release of stress hormones that are known to put pressure on the heart.

Exercise reduces stress. (Image via Unsplash/Dorothea Oldani)
Exercise reduces stress. (Image via Unsplash/Dorothea Oldani)

Cardio exercises are important to improve your heart health. This form of exercise keeps the respiratory system healthy, which in turn facilitates the circulation of blood and oxygen within the body, subsequently lowering blood pressure as well.

Strength training is also an effective way of keeping your heart strong. It also increases bone mineral density, which in turn helps with better movements and function.

How heart health is related to diet

Diet also plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Image via Unsplash/Social Cut
Diet also plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Image via Unsplash/Social Cut

Diet plays a major role in heart health as well. Aside from making it a habit to regularly consume heart-healthy foods, it is also important to limit the amount of junk that goes into the body. Eating foods high in saturated fats can increase the levels of body fat and cholesterol, increasing inflammation and proving detrimental to the heart.

Following a diet that is rich in fiber and healthy fats has been proven to promote heart health. One prime example is the Mediterranean diet, which comprises mainly of whole foods, including nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, seafood, eggs, red wine, and olive oil. All of these foods are considered to be healthy for the heart and rich in nutrients.

While exercise is important, there are other small factors that also help with keeping the heart healthy in the long run. Increasing your activity levels through basic tasks is one way to ensure your body is constantly in motion and your heart is functioning at its peak. These activities can be as simple as taking the stairs, walking to the grocery store, moving around during work breaks, etc.

So, the answer to keeping your heart healthy isn’t a complicated or compromising one at all; it’s as simple as being active and eating right. Following the right lifestyle patterns will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

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