Complete Guide on How To Start Yoga for Weight Loss

Learn how to start yoga for weight loss success.  (Image via Pexels/Yan Krukov)
Learn how to start yoga for weight loss success. (Image via Pexels/Yan Krukov)

When it comes to yoga for weight loss, learning the basics is all you need to get started. These simple yoga for weight loss exercises will go a long way for your weight loss success. Yoga may not bring up ideas of calorie-burning, sweat-inducing activities like bootcamps or cardio dance-party routines, but its intense poses can definitely help with weight loss. And there's no better time than now to begin your yoga adventure, regardless of your size or weight.

Yoga also has a distinct benefit over other workouts. It reduces stress, which is one of the primary causes of weight gain. It makes you feel calm, energized, and focused. The reason for this is that yoga harmonizes your mind, body, and breath, reducing mental stress.

Don't be deceived by yoga's leisurely poses and deep breathing. Physicians and personal trainers claim it can truly trim and tone your body while also working on your mind and soul to boost your mental wellness.

When it comes to yoga and weight loss, If you're overweight and unsure about how yoga will affect your body, realize that it's normal to feel overwhelmed when you first begin. When done at a reasonable pace, yoga functions as an aerobic exercise, aiding in weight loss.

Get started with yoga for weight loss

Yoga encourages you to use your body weight to master tough yoga poses, which tones your muscles. This means that the kind of yoga you practice totally depends on your fitness goals.

If you've only done strength training and cardio, adding yoga for weight loss once or twice a week will give your body new difficulties to adapt to. This adaptation is what will help you get in better shape overall.

Here is a list of asanas and poses to start with if you want to try yoga for weight loss:

1) Bow pose

Bow pose.  (Image via Freepik)
Bow pose. (Image via Freepik)

Bow pose should always be included in the list if you want to shed a few kilos with yoga. The bow pose stretches and strengthens every muscle in the back while also stretching the entire front of the body. The chest, abdomen, quadriceps, ankles, groins, hip flexors, and throat are the emphasized areas.

Follow these steps to do the bow pose correctly:

  • Place your hands on your sides and lie flat on your stomach.
  • Bend your knees towards your buttocks as you exhale.
  • Keep in mind that your knees should be separated by the distance between your hips.
  • Hold your ankles and stretch your hands backwards.
  • Draw your thighs upwards while taking a long, deep inhale.
  • Your head and chest will also rise.
  • Hold the position and take slow, deep breaths.

2) Cat-cow pose

Cat-cow pose. (Image via Freepik)
Cat-cow pose. (Image via Freepik)

When you think of yoga for weight loss, the cat-cow pose is the one that helps in achieving the goal. The transition between the two stances of a cow and a cat is called Cat-Cow. The pose stretches your spine while also strengthening your abdominal muscles. It's a good place to start if you want to lose abdominal fat.

Here's how to do the cat-cow pose:

  • Make sure your wrists are parallel to your shoulders and your knees are parallel to your hips by going down on all fours.
  • The distance between your shins and knees should be hip-width.
  • Put yourself in a cow posture. As you take a deep breath, lower your belly to the ground.
  • While looking up towards the ceiling, make sure your chin and chest are high. Keep your shoulder blades broad and away from your ears at all times.
  • You must next gradually progress to the cat stance, which requires you to suck in your stomach and drag your belly button towards your spine.
  • Like a stretching cat, your back will circle up towards the ceiling. Bring your chin closer to your chest.

3) Chair pose

 Chair pose. (Image via Freepik)
Chair pose. (Image via Freepik)

The chair position or Utkatasana, like a squat, engages both your upper and lower body muscles. The quadriceps, gluteus maximus, calves, and ankles are all worked in this pose.

Follow these steps to do the chair pose properly:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise your arms straight into the air, palms facing inward.
  • Exhale and bend your knees into squats, knees over toes and thighs parallel to the floor, while keeping your back straight.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can, aiming for one minute.
  • Return to your original position. Rep three times more.

Be regular with these asanas of yoga for weight loss. It doesn't matter how intense your asanas are; if you don't do it on a regular basis, you won't notice the effects. So, if you want to reduce weight, it's a good idea to practice yoga for weight loss every day and take a break once or twice a week depending on your age and physical fitness. If you are overweight, you should combine your yoga routine with a gym workout.

Another important thing to remember is that yoga for weight loss is a slow but steady process. You shouldn't expect to lose weight right away and must remain patient. After all, yoga is not just about the calories you burn on your yoga mat, but also about introducing a lifestyle change. These yoga exercises for weight loss encourage physical, mental, and spiritual growth and helps you become the best version of yourself.

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