Kate Hudson’s Diet and Intense Workout Routine

All about Kate Hudson's workout and diet routine (Image by @katehudson via Instagram)
All about Kate Hudson's workout and diet routine (Image by @katehudson via Instagram)

Kate Hudson, 43, is not only a world-famous actress, but the mother of three is also a successful entrepreneur with an amazing physique. The “Bride Wars” star isn’t new to fitness, as she regularly posts her workout videos and photos on social media and keeps fans and well-wishers updated about her fitness routine.

Hudson works hard to maintain her sculpted body and finds a way to keep herself moving and active every day even if she doesn’t get time for a full-blown exercise routine.

“I need to be moving every day to feel good. Even just making time for a quick movement every day – using a treadmill, going for a walk, some Pilates, or if I have more time, I love doing hot yoga,” says Hudson.

She knows a thing or two about keeping herself fit and eating what’s right for her. Being a fitness enthusiast, she leaves no stone unturned to keep her body physically and mentally fit.

Kate Hudson’s Workout Routine

Hudson shares plenty of exercises on social media; in a recent interview; she opened up about some of her favourite workout routines.

When at home, Pilates is one of her go-to workouts. She also prefers treadmills and Peloton bikes and likes to switch them up with weight training. Hudson is also a fan of aerobics and yoga and has never missed out on these routines.

She likes to mix up her exercises, so that her workouts are fun and don't follow a rigid routine. She prefers activities that make her happy and feel relaxed, such as yoga.

When performing gym workouts, she typically goes for four to five different exercises with an average of ten reps and two sets. Here are some of her go-to gym workouts:

-Double leg stretch

-Roll ups

-Hot potato

-Rond De Jambe.

Kate Hudson loves yoga and Pilates, and she regularly posts several videos about her routines on Instagram. In a recent interview, she revealed that when she's not doing other workouts, she prefers to do Pilates or yoga.

“I am definitely challenging my body in new ways, which I need. I like to be able to set new goals to see what I can achieve, and I love how strong and flexible I feel after a good workout, especially after Pilates, which never gets easier," said Hudson.

Kate Hudson’s Diet

When it comes to her diet, Hudson likes to eat whatever she loves as long as the options include a lot of fruits and vegetables.

She generally eats five times a day and includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, hummus and fish. She takes her health very seriously and always makes sure to maintain her body in the best shape possible. She avoids dairy and acidic food products, and most of her meals include fruits and vegetables.

Hudson starts her day with a cup of coffee followed by a glass of celery juice. Breakfast is her favourite meal, where she prefers eating soft-boiled eggs with bacon or scrambled egg whites with sausage and spinach.

She also likes to have different kinds of smoothies, and green protein is a must in her morning meal. She believes green protein helps curb her cravings and also keeps her muscles strong and healthy.

For lunch, Kate Hudson fills up on vegetables and other essential sources of minerals and vitamins. She prefers salad with lots of healthy ingredients. For dinner, she usually likes to have steamed vegetables and salmon.

“I love to cook and gather everyone around the table at dinner. When I am at home, I try to cook as many meals as possible," says Hudson.

Hudson also practices intermittent fasting from time to time, as it helps keep her weight in control and boosts energy levels.


For Kate Hudson, health and fitness have always been a priority.

When asked about how she gets the motivation to stay in shape, the actress replied on Instagram.

“It is what I know and how I was raised. It is ingrained in my brain that working on our body is a gift and so I don’t take that for granted. I love when things get challenging. I love moving and I love being in charge of my results."

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