Everything You Need to Know about Kevin Smith’s Weight Loss Journey

Kevin Smith adopted a vegan lifestyle that helped him reduce his weight & provided other health benefits. (Image via Instagram @thekevinsmith)
Kevin Smith adopted a vegan lifestyle that helped him reduce his weight & provided other health benefits. (Image via Instagram @thekevinsmith)

Kevin Smith, 52, the actor-director-comedian known for playing Silent Bob, has spoken openly about his weight loss experiments, including the time he took fat blockers. Besides weight fluctuations reaching 80 pounds, Smith experienced wild mood changes and even suffered a heart attack in 2018.

After his heart attack, Smith made a commitment to shape up and live a long, healthy life for himself and his family. He lost 50 pounds in six months, then another 25 pounds in one month.

How Did Kevin Smith Lose His Weight?

After his heart attack, Smith tried an all-potato diet and then moved to a broader plant-based plan similar to the one his daughter follows. After 25 years of trial and near-fatal error, going vegan was the easiest way he found to be healthy—not because of any inherent health benefits in the vegan lifestyle, but because avoiding animal products is easier than trying to sneak them into every meal.

“Nobody wants to hear that,” he says, “and I don’t blame them.”

After facing his own mortality, Smith lost 50 pounds in six months. He now eats a healthy diet prepared by chefs and has daily sessions with his personal trainer, Shecky, a miniature dachshund.

What Was Kevin Smith’s Workout Plan?

Kevin Smith takes a one-hour walk every day with his furry personal trainer Shecky, a miniature dachshund, to the top of Runyon Canyon.

Smith said his weight loss has been a life-changing experience. After hitting his goal of losing 50 pounds in six months and losing an additional eight pounds since then, Smith says he feels much better about himself. He remains committed to maintaining his new lifestyle.

What Diet Did Kevin Smith Use?

After surviving a near-fatal heart attack, actor Will Smith gave up all kinds of unhealthy food. Smith used to be in love with fast food and dairy products but now avoids them completely. In an interview with Men’s Health, he said,

“I was so addicted to milk. I know it's embarrassing but I used to drink like two gallons of milk every day. And probably this was the reason for my heart attack.”

Kevin Smith tried going vegan because he wanted to reduce his cholesterol, but his daughter also wanted to be vegan for ethical reasons.

Smith's typical morning routine starts with either a glass of smoothie or a glass of iced tea. His decision to become vegan means that there was no more milk in his breakfast, but his single-plant diet of potatoes makes up for it.

Kevin further mentioned he doesn't eat breakfast, and his energy levels stay high. At first, he was advised to eat potatoes for two weeks straight. That proved difficult, but Kevin didn't give up.

Smith usually eats only one meal a day, around 3 o'clock. But on those days when he's not particularly hungry which is most days he likes to snack on chickpeas. Currently, Kevin's diet includes more than just potatoes. He also eats salads and juices made from other vegetables.

Wrapping Up

Smith has had his share of ups and downs. Not only did he have a successful career, but he also had to deal with health issues. He weighed 400lbs, but now he's lost 210lbs. Kevin's weight loss journey is inspiring because it shows how determination and consistency can help you succeed even through the toughest circumstances.

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