New to Running? Here Are Some Running Tips, Techniques and Workouts to Ease You into It

Running tips to help with your daily workout. (Image via Pexels/Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU)
Running tips to help with your daily workout. (Image via Pexels/Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU)

Running tips are something you should aim to know and understand when you decide to make running a part of your daily or regular routine.

There is no doubt that running is a great physical activity and allows you to remain fit even if you do not have time to go to the gym or focus on home workouts.

Running Tips

When you start running, you should understand that this activity isn’t always easy but is extremely beneficial. So, if you know some tips and techniques, not only will you be able to enjoy it more but also be able to avail its optimum benefit.


Here are some tips in this regard:

Pick the proper gear and shoes

If you’re going for a run, you don't want to go running in dress shoes or casual sneakers. Their soles aren’t made for running, and you’ll be left with a foot ache, which will make you never want to run again.

To avoid that, invest in a pair of running shoes. These shoes are called running shoes for a reason. They provide shock absorption while ensuring your foot doesn’t feel like it’s stepping on gravel.

Next, the soles should be thick or foamy enough to protect your foot from any material on the track poking you during your run, regardless of what type of track you choose.

Finally, running gear is important as well. If you want to be comfortable when you're running, you should purchase athletic wear that is made for running.

Map your running route

Initially, your mind and body might want to give up halfway through the journey if you do not know which path you’re running on.

Ideally, it’s best to have a running path mapped out. That way your mind can connect with the body and push it through, as it knows how much running is left.


Don’t push yourself beyond your limits

When you first run, you don’t want to run for miles without giving yourself a break. Your body needs to get used to the change in physical activity, and the muscles need to be activated to withstand the sudden resistance.

So, keep your focus on taking baby steps. Begin with a 20-minute run, and push it to 30 minutes once you can do the 20-minute run with ease.

Take small breaks

If you’re truly invested in implementing running tips, this is one tip you must implement. It’s important to give yourself breaks during the run, especially in the beginning. These breaks will help you recover and allow you to finish the run instead of giving up midway.


You don't necessarily need to stop completely. Instead, run for a while, and walk a small distance. When you’re walking, do a few stretches, and hydrate yourself. Once you’ve recovered moderately, begin running again. It’s best to not let your heart rate revert to its resting state before running again.

More Running tips to be aware of

Running tips aren’t always about how you can make your runs better but also about how to run. If you’re running for fitness, you need to focus on the way you’re running. Some of the things you have to keep in mind during runs are:

Keep a proper posture

It’s important that your posture remains upright. Your head should be lifted and your shoulders relaxed. Make sure you maintain a stable lower body without leaning forward or backward from your waist.

If you feel your shoulders hunching from running for a while, slow down, and take a breather. Your shoulders should be relaxed.


Next, keep your arms bent at 90-degrees from the elbows, and swing them naturally.

Keep an eye on your foot strike

One of the important running tips is how to land during your run. If you land on your toes, you’ll experience tighter calves. However, if you land on your heels, you will experience bigger strides that will result in energy consumption.

Ideally, you should try to land on the middle of your foot and roll through towards the front of your foot. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t try to change foot strides if you naturally land on your toes/heels during runs.

Bottom Line

It’s important to know your running tips before incorporating runs in your daily routine. These tips can help you keep yourself safe from injuries while ensuring you have the proper benefits from your running sessions.

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