Sleeping Swan Yoga Pose for Hips

Sleeping swan yoga pose helps in opening up the hip muscles. (Image via Pexels / Vlada Karpovich)
Sleeping swan yoga pose helps in opening up the hip muscles. (Image via Pexels / Vlada Karpovich)

The Sleeping Swan or Cracura Kapotasana is a yin yoga posture that is also known as Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose) or Pigeon Pose with Forward Bend in Hatha or Ashtanga yoga. This relaxation exercise can be practiced by anybody, and beginners are encouraged to give it a try. Although the sleeping swan pose looks complex, it is very easy to do.

By practicing yin yoga poses, hips can be stretched and muscles around hips loosened. They relax the muscles around the lower back, psoas, and quads. The swan pose has a detoxifying effect and reduces stress levels.

How to Do the Sleeping Swan Pose


Here's the step-by-step guide on how to do this pose:

  • Put a yoga mat on the floor and kneel on it.
  • Your feet should be hip-width apart, your knees below your hips and your palms below your shoulders.
  • Bring your right knee forward so that it touches the back of your right wrist and the front side of your foot touches the back of your left wrist.
  • Stretch and straighten out your left leg behind you with toes pointed out.
  • You're now in the Swan Pose (Meru Asana).
  • Move forward until your forehead touches the ground; stay for up to 5 minutes.

Benefits of the Sleeping Swan Pose

Just like all other yoga poses, the swan pose has numerous benefits. We will take you through a few of the benefits here. Read on to find out.

1. Hip-Opening Stretch

The Swan pose can be a great way to stretch your hips. If you are like so many other people, you probably have tight hip flexors. It can be challenging, or even painful, to do some of the yoga poses. However, if you practice the swan pose regularly then your hips will open up more and more. If you practice regularly, your hips will be more flexible and less tense.

2. Relaxes Body and Mind

The pose is a calming one and can help relax both your mind and body. If you spend some time on it, breathing deeply and allowing both your mind and body to relax, this pose will make you feel really good. It's a perfect way to close a flow or yin session, or as a quick reward before bed.

3. Relieves Tension from the Lower Back

It can help relieve tension in your lower back and also open your hips, which can help you release any tension you might be carrying in that area. If you have low back pain and lead a sedentary lifestyle or work at a computer all day, then this pose is for you. Try it at least a few times a week!

4. Increases the Range of Motion

Having a good range of motion helps you in completing your functional movement with ease. Therefore, by doing this pose regularly, your daily chores appear easy to accomplish as you can move your body freely. It is also helpful in overcoming age-related stiffness.

Tips and Techniques for the Sleeping Swan Pose

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get into the right position.

1) When you do a forward bend, instead of focusing on getting your leg straight, try to keep your hips lined up with your mat. Many people mistakenly think that the point of the stretch is to get their leg straight, but it's better to keep your heel closer in toward your body than sacrificing your hip placement.

2) Make sure that your back leg is straight and pointing toward the back edge of your mat. Look behind you to make sure that it isn't bent or pointing to the side, because that will throw off your alignment and put strain on your knee and hip joints.

Variations and Modifications

There are several modifications of the sleeping swan pose to make it more exciting. Here are a few:


1) If you can't reach your forehead to the ground, try stacking your arms on top of one another and resting your head on top of them. This will reduce the intensity of the stretch, but you'll still be able to feel it.

2) If your knee hurts, place a bolster or blanket underneath your hip. If it still hurts after that, then you probably shouldn’t practice this pose. Yoga is an exercise that helps you listen to your body's needs.

Bottom Line

In summary, the sleeping swan pose is well worth trying! Whether you're looking for a way to relieve stress or a pose to target hip tension, this pose will help relieve stress while also targeting your hips. It can also be used as a more gentle way to open up your hips when you are unable to perform the pigeon pose.

Like any other exercise, be aware of your body's cues and do not push it too hard. Listen to the gentle whispers of your body, and respond accordingly.

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