US doctor takes bold leap in suggesting human lifespan to reach 120 years with stem cell research

Human lifespan can be extended upto 120 years (Image via Unsplash / Thavis)
Human lifespan could be extended up to 120 years. (Image via Unsplash/Thavis)

Doctor Ernst von Schwarz, a renowned physician in the United States, has made a bold claim that humans could be able to live up to 120 years by using advancements in stem cell therapy.

Dr. Von Schwarz is a triple board-certified medic who specializes in cardiology, internal medicine and heart transplant cardiology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

In his new book, “Secrets of Immortality”, he discusses how stem cells could be the key to increasing our lifespan and living fully functional lives to the age of 120 and beyond.

Humans could live up to 120 years through stem cell therapy

New discovery made in stem cell research (Image via Unsplash/National cancer Institute)
New discovery made in stem cell research (Image via Unsplash/National cancer Institute)

According to Dr. Von Schwarz, life expectancy will undergo a radical change in the next ten years.

“I believe that we can create prolongation of life,” he said. “Probably within a couple of years, people can live to 120, 150 years, if not longer than that.
"And not just as bed-bound non-communicating individuals but really as active individuals who can participate in social life, professional life, and have a quality of life. Because that’s the goal.”

Dr. Von Schwarz’s claim of extending life expectancy by stem cell therapy has sparked a debate and skepticism among many experts worldwide. Although Dr. Von Schwarz acknowledges that stem cells alone are not a treatment, he insists that stem cells create the foundation for a healthier and longer lifespan.

Stem cells are particularly important for repairing damaged tissues in the body, and for many, the use of stem cells towards regenerative medicine will revolutionize the medical field.

Skepticism and debate surrounding Dr. Von Schwarz's claim

Groundbreaking study still needs few more solid results. (Image via Unsplash/NCI)
Groundbreaking study still needs few more solid results. (Image via Unsplash/NCI)

Some experts are cautious about the extraordinary claims like Dr. Von Schwarz's till it's backed by proven and well-established research studies.

"I think there's a long way to go in terms of understanding the biology and the medicine before we can confidently say that (the use of stem cells) will be a tool of extending human life significantly,” said Timothy Caulfield, a law professor and health expert at the University of Alberta.

Despite the skepticism, stem cells have become the forefront of regenerative medicine, with groundbreaking clinical trials that are ongoing. Only a few stem cell therapies have been approved by the FDA, a notable example being the therapy to treat blood cancer patients.

However, Dr. Von Schwarz remains optimistic about stem cell research and assures that stem cell therapies will soon meet FDA standards.

Promise of stem cell research in regenerative medicine

Human life longevity also depends on lifestyle. (Image via Unsplash/Thavis )
Human life longevity also depends on lifestyle. (Image via Unsplash/Thavis )

Stem cells hold the power to repair tissues and degeneration within one's body, including arthritic knees, hair loss and brain damage repair. Only with a simple injection of cells, it can regenerate our health and increase life expectancy.

However, Dr. Von Schwarz emphasizes that stem cells are not the only factor that influences health and life expectancy. Lfestyle choices and dietary habits play an equally vital role in extending human life.

Dr. Von Schwarz suggests that adopting a healthier lifestyle beginning at the age of 30 is crucial to addressing the process of aging.

A healthy Mediterranean diet and daily exercise of up to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can be beneficial not only for living longer but – more importantly – living healthily.

Dr. Von Schwarz also highlighted that reducing risk factors like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can significantly reduce cardiovascular death and prolong life, with studies showing a reduction of risk by up to 90%.

Although stem cells are growing in popularity in the medical world, there's still a long way before we can find a unified understanding of how they work and how much they can extend human life.

Dr. Von Schwarz’s claim of extending human life expectancy using stem cells to 120 years and beyond may be viewed by experts as far-fetched and implausible. However, it does not negate the crucial work being done in stem cell research towards regenerative medicine.

Even though we may not live forever, Dr. Von Schwarz is giving us with some fresh perspective. He's saying that we can have a long life without all the struggles of aging.

Stem cell therapy can be a positive ray of hope. It's all about living that healthy, extended life without dealing with all the aging-related problems and diseases.

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