What Is Brie Larson’s Diet and Workout Routine for Superhero Physique in ‘Captain Marvel?’

Brie Larson trained hard for her superhero physique in Captain Marvel. (Image via Instagram/Brie Larson)
Brie Larson trained hard for her superhero physique in Captain Marvel. (Image via Instagram/Brie Larson)

The way Brie Larson was able to bring Carol Danvers - the character of Captain Marvel - to life is certainly commendable. The embodiment of her physical appearance and amazing acting skills has left an ever-lasting impact on her audience.

For her superhero physique in Captain Marvel, Larson underwent a rigorous workout regime and diet, among other things. She's quite open about her training process and didn't shy away from putting in the hard work.

Brie Larson’s Workout Routine for Captain Marvel

Besides following a healthy diet, Brie Larson undertook a strenuous workout routine to get the superhero physique of Captain Marvel, involving loads of heavy lifting.

As mentioned by Larson in an interview, she pushed her physical boundaries to achieve the physique required for the movie. She asked her personal trainer Jason Walsh to create a workout routine that helped her pack solid muscles into her body. Larson started working out at least five days a week and took active recovery days. That meant she was involved in some or other form of training even on her rest days.

Her cardio workout routine involved fighting choreography training, as she had to learn to fight to complete some major sequences of the Captain Marvel movie. She went through this training at least four times a week and twice a day. Larson also loved being involved in dance and biking during her cardio workout routine.

As a major part of her transformation for the Captain Marvel movie was her strength, Larson embraced weight training with an open mind. She trained with weights to define her muscles and boost her body strength. It usually involved exercises, such as barbell hip thrusts, deadlifts, weighted walking lunges, pull-ups and more. That enabled her to quickly build solid muscles in her body.

In addition to cardio and strength training, Brie Larson's personal trainer also included resistance training in her workout to increase the challenge. That ranged from resistance bands to exercises to adding weight to simple exercises, which significantly helped her build endurance and body strength.

Larson's social media posts show her doing free climbing and extreme hiking trails for improved natural movement and strength.

Brie Larson’s Diet for Captain Marvel

To achieve the superhero physique of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson needed to reduce her body fat. Her initial diet was strictly monitored, so she counted to the last of the calories and worked hard in the gym to reduce her body fat. Once she achieved the ideal level of her superhero physique, her diet changed.

She worked with nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia to achieve a superhero physique for the movie. They followed the concept of 'bridge meal', which emphasises the in-between snacks that usually involves nuts or vegetables. The purpose of a 'bridge meal' is to have the snacks that will bridge between lunch and dinner, so that you do not carve carbs and remain satiated.


Larson's favourite breakfast involved protein powder blended with water, fresh fruit, almond butter and ice. This combination helped her go through intense workout sessions daily.

She only had protein shakes for her breakfast. as they boosted her energy levels to get on with her day and carry out intense workout sessions. On some days, she preferred eggs with either portions of fruit or vegetables to get on.


Brie Larson's lunch consisted of highly nutritious and wholesome foods. She had to eat a considerably heavy lunch while shooting for Captain Marvel to gain solid muscles. She sometimes had chicken or grilled salmon for lunch along with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Brie Larson sometimes indulged in dinner with heavy carb meals, such as pasta or lasagna while she went through her super intense workouts. However, she maintained proper control over her diet to ensure that the carbs did not transform into fat.

There was no such food Larson completely avoided while training for her superhero physique; she instead focused on indulging in moderation. For instance, once in a while, she rewarded herself with a doughnut or cookie after an intense workout routine.

A major goal of Larson while attaining her superhero physique was to gain solid muscle. With her rigorous workout routine, she constantly torched through her calories. That's why her diet was so important to ensure she did not get dangerously thin.

Bottom Line

Brie Larson's diet and workout routine tend is interesting, as it's very different from other Hollywood actresses who train to stay lean and eat food according to calories.

Larson, though, trained to bulk up her body and eat food with higher calories to create a calorie deficit.

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