What Is the Triple Threat Core Workout? What It Entails and Its Benefits 

Understanding triple threat core workout ( Image via Pexels/Photo by Li Sun)
Understanding triple threat core workout ( Image via Pexels/Photo by Li Sun)
Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury

Before getting into the triple threat core workout, it is important to understand why core muscles should be trained. Training the core muscles should not be an option but rather an integral part of the workout routine. The abdominal muscles provide an immense sense of balance and stability to the body, which is ultimately important for every type of exercise.

More often than not, fitness coaches and trained professionals recommend having a strong core. Not only does it improve form and posture, but it makes the overall workout much more effective.

There are various ways of working on the core muscles. It can be a part of the routine every day, or significant portions of selective days can be dedicated towards training the core muscles. A particular method used by innumerable individuals across the globe is the Triple Threat core workout.

Understanding the triple threat core workout

Benefits of core workouts (Image via Pexels/Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)
Benefits of core workouts (Image via Pexels/Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

Triple threat training is a set of three exercises performed consecutively to keep constant pressure on the muscle. It’s an enhanced resistance training which allows the core muscles to become stronger by taking on more at a time. The idea is to increase the reps in progression to enable the core muscles to become stronger.

When training core muscles, essentially the back muscles, the abdominal muscles, and the obliques should be focused upon. Each session should consist of exercises that work these muscles.

Here's what a triple threat workout looks like

Stir The Pot

This particular core exercise is one that must be in the workout routine. It truly helps in engaging the anterior core muscles. To do this exercise, you will require an exercise ball.

The following video demonstrates the steps you need to follow to successfully execute this exercise.


Side plank

The side plank works on the obliques. These are the muscles that run along the side of the core.

Side planks have variations which can be taken upon with every progression. Additionally, this exercise can be performed anywhere, regardless of whether one has access to a gym or not. Moreover, coupling the side plank with an elbow plank will aid in strengthening the abdominal muscles and lower-back muscles.

Follow this video to perform side planks:


Leg raises

Leg raises are an integral part of any core workout routine and not just triple threat core workout. In this exercise, the lower back muscles and lower & upper abs get worked the most.

Not only does it help with improving core muscles, but is a good exercise for posture and mobility. Furthermore, even leg raises come with variations. One such is the hanging leg raise which works the back muscles, abdominal muscles, and the obliques.

Learn to do a leg raise by watching this video:


Ultimately, almost every workout targets more than one muscle, especially if it’s a compound movement. Isolation movements will target the particular muscle being worked on.

Benefits of triple threat training

As mentioned, every form of exercise has a benefit. Whenever a new type of workout comes out in the open, it’s used by multiple fitness enthusiasts and fitness coaches to understand its usefulness.

Of course, not every type of workout routine will suit everyone. Sometimes it is much better to seek professional guidance to understand which routine is more suitable for an individual.

If you are curious about how a triple threat workout will help you, here are some of the benefits:

Improves endurance

A triple threat core workout constantly keeps the muscles worked throughout the session. Even though there are rest periods in between sets, the recovery time between sets does not overshadow the pressure on the muscles.

Considering the resistance being put on the muscles, it helps in improving endurance. It helps the muscles to become much more resilient to external pressure and withstand advanced exercises as time progresses.

Provides better posture

A strong set of core muscles will always have a beneficial effect on posture. It is repeatedly said that everyone must ensure their posture is correct to avoid unnecessary body pain, lower the risk of injury, and the workouts strengthen the spine.

Creates room for all the core muscles

Sometimes, individuals can focus on only one part of the overall area. This ends up strengthening only one part of the muscle. In the long run, it becomes difficult to pull others up-to-speed.

A triple threat core workout ensures that all the muscles have the same amount of focus and dedication. This way, the core muscles improve at the same time instead of getting uneven attention during workout sessions.

Bottom line

It's a no-brainer to include core workouts in the workout routine. However, it is also important to ensure that right form is maintained. Poor form can result in grave injuries.

Hence, make sure all your exercises are initiated with a lower number of reps and the form is perfected. After correcting the form, the second step is progressive overload while implementing the triple threat core workout routine.

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