Why Core Muscles Are Important? 5 Best Exercises to Build Core Muscles

Best exercises to build core muscles. (Photo via Jonathan Borba/Unsplash)
Best exercises to build core muscles (Photo via Jonathan Borba/Unsplash)

Understanding the best exercises to build core muscles is important.

That's because you should know why you’re doing something in the gym before incorporating it in your workout routine.

Why It's Important to Build Core Muscles?

The core muscles are an important part of the upper body. These muscles help with balance and stability during compound and CrossFit movements. That's why you must never ignore strengthening the core.

Coee muscles assist in various exercises. They work as a support system for the body when the muscles are utilized to lift weights.

So, it’s extremely important to strengthen the core muscles and ensure you’re not leaving behind a crucial muscle group in your fitness journey.

Best Exercises to Build Core Muscles

Now that you know why core muscles are important, it’s time to know the five best exercises to build them.

You do not need to incorporate all these exercises into your workout routine every day. You can mix them in any order you like, as it’s good to have variations in your workout routine for any muscle group.

Let's get started:

1) Crunch

This is the most common core exercise. If you want to incorporate only one workout, this is the one you should pick.

Crunches allow you to develop the core muscles from various angles. Additionally, you can do machine crunches, rope crunches, bodyweight crunches, and other variations, depending on which one works best for you.

You can find the guide for doing crunches here.


2) Sit-up

Another common exercise to build core muscles is sit-ups.

While sit-ups work on the overall core muscle group, place your hands behind your neck. However, you must make sure that you’re not using your hand or body’s momentum to raise your upper body.

It’s absolutely important to use the core muscles to do this exercise.


3) Hanging Raise

Hanging leg raises is an advanced core exercise. You will require some amount of forearm and grip strength to attempt hanging raises.

The only thing you should focus on is that your body needs to be absolutely stable when doing leg raises. You cannot sway back and forth when doing this exercise.

You can find a guide for doing hanging leg raises here.


4) RussianTtwist

When you’re focusing on your core muscles, you need to focus on your sides as well.

To do twists, you can use dumbbells or weight plates, as they are one of the easiest free-weights to handle.

It's important to focus on the sides, as these muscles help with keeping the overall core stable when you’re doing compound movements, and also allow you to build a tapered hip as you become leaner.


5) Plank

One of the most impactful exercises to build core muscles are planks. This exercise allows you to build extremely strong core muscles while strengthening the back as well.

There are variations to planks you can incorporate in your workout routine as you become stronger.

Here are certain plank variations you can add to your workout routine.


Bottom Line

The best exercises to build core muscles will not give you the best results unless you pair them with proper nutrition and rest.

It's best to begin working on the core muscles as you’re cutting fat so that by the time you’ve become leaner, you will be able to start seeing the abdominal muscles pop instead of working on them after you’ve lost the belly fat.

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