5 Best Yoga Exercises That Help with Digestion and Bloating

(Image via Unsplash/Dane Wetton)
Best and effective yoga exercises that help with digestion and bloating. (Image via Unsplash/Dane Wetton)

Yoga exercises can easily help relieve bloating, ease stomach pain, and enhance the digestive process in the body. Bloating can be a result of various factors such as overindulging in junk food, switching to high-fiber food, or menstrual cycle. Some yoga exercises can help you in reducing discomfort, deflate the stomach, and stimulate digestion.

Yoga exercises are definitely sustainable and long-term solutions for similar providers and will provide numerous other advantages such as mental well-being, improved posture, enhanced flexibility, and more.

We have curated a list of the five best yoga exercises that you can do to relieve bloating and enhance the digestive process in the body. The movement of these yoga exercises will help in decreasing the uncomfortable and pressurized feeling of the body along with enhancing the functions of the internal organs by stimulating and massaging them.

Yoga Exercises for Digestion and Bloating

1. Happy Baby Pose or Ananda Balasana

This is an excellent yoga exercise to aid the digestive system and relieve bloating.

How to do it?

Lie flat on the floor with bent knees and feet resting on the floor. Bring your knees together towards your chest with your feet angled towards the ceiling. Gently pull your knees towards your chest with your hands as your neck and head remain on the ground.

2. Half Spinal Twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana

The half spinal twist is one of the best and most dynamic yoga exercises that you can do as it will help in stimulating the digestion process of the body along with improving the postural problem by strengthening the spine.


How to do it?

Sit on your hip bones on the floor with both your legs straightened in front of you. Bend your left leg to position the same leg on the ground near your right knee. Now, bend your right leg and position it near your hips. Position your right hand on the opposite knee before gently twisting your body towards the left shoulder. Hold for a few breaths before releasing. Swap sides and repeat.

3. Knee to Chest Pose or Ardha Apanasana

The knee to chest pose is commonly referred to as a wind-relieving pose and can be easily done by beginners due to its simple movements. This yoga exercise will help in enhancing the digestive process by alleviating gas and managing constipation. The movement of the knee to the chest pose is also beneficial for bloating.

How to do it?

Lie flat on your back on the ground before bending your knees and pulling them towards your chest together. Wrap both your hands around the shins and gently push your back onto the ground by pulling both your knees to the chest with your chin tucked in. Hold the knee to the chest pose for a few moments before releasing. Repeat.

4. Legs Up the Wall Pose or Viparita Karani

Legs up the wall are some of the most simple and basic yoga exercises that will help in aiding digestion and relieving bloating. The restorative posture of this pose will boost the blood circulation of the body, which is good for reducing bloating and stomach discomfort.


How to do it?

Assume the sitting position near any wall before lying down in a manner where your back is flat on the floor with both your legs upwards and sticking to the wall while your hips are closest to the wall as much as possible. Keep your hands on the side of your body as your head rests on the floor. Stay in the Viparita Karani position for as long as you can before releasing.

5. Adamant Pose or Vajarasana

This adamant pose is one of the best yoga exercises you can do for digestion and bloating. It is also known as the 'thunderbolt' or diamond pose. This yoga exercise will help in relieving from flatulence and bloating by enhancing blood flow in the stomach region and improving bowel movements.

How to do it?

Assume your position on the ground in a kneeling manner with your hips stacked over your toes and both your legs together. Keep your back upright with a slight gap between the heels throughout the movement. Position your hands on your thighs and hold the vajarasana pose for a few moments before releasing.

Bottom Line

The movement of yoga exercises involving gentle twists and turns will help alleviate bloating, ease discomfort and pain, and reduce a swollen stomach. The aforementioned yoga exercises will also help in aiding the digestive process of the body by helping with problems such as constipation and ensuring proper digestion of consumed foods.

Additionally, these yoga exercises tend to be extremely versatile and do not require any equipment. The simple movements of these yoga poses will also ensure that even beginners can perform these exercises easily.

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