Stars fans react to Max Domi's puzzling 'Thank you Dallas' post on Instagram - "He gone"

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Stars fans react to Max Domi's puzzling 'Thank you Dallas' post on Instagram

In a surprising turn of events, Max Domi, the talented forward for the Dallas Stars, recently stirred up speculation among NHL fans with a series of pictures and captions on his Instagram account. The photos featured Domi alongside various teammates, while the captions read, "Thank you Dallas!"

This unexpected message has left fans in doubt regarding Domi's future with the Dallas Stars, leading to a flurry of reactions on social media platforms, particularly on Reddit.

One fan expressed their disappointment at the prospect of Domi leaving the Stars, stating,

"Damn, I really liked Domi. Like, a lot. I wish he was getting signed long term. I will be disappointed if he is not."

This sentiment echoes the attachment and admiration that many fans have developed for Domi during his time with the team.

On the other hand, a different fan took a more appreciative approach, expressing gratitude for Domi's contributions. They wrote,

"Thank you for your service, Max! You have made a lot of new fans here in D-Town."

This reaction shows that, regardless of Domi's future destination, his impact on the hockey community extends beyond his current team.

While some fans seem surprised by the potential departure of Domi, another fan on Reddit voiced their understanding of the situation, saying:

"We've known since we brought him in that we couldn't keep him. I'm not sure why people are now suddenly confused that he's saying goodbye."

This comment reflects the realistic perspective held by some fans who were aware of the circumstances surrounding Max Domi's acquisition.

In response to the uncertainty surrounding Domi's future, another fan weighed in on the team's priorities, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the defense. They stated,

"It'd be great to keep him, but I don't see us winning the Cup next season if we don't spend our money upgrading our defense."

As speculation continues to swirl, NHL fans eagerly await further developments regarding Max Domi's future with the Dallas Stars.

A look at Max Domi's contract details

Max Domi, a 28-year-old center, currently plays in the NHL. He was born on March 2, 1995, and was selected as the 12th overall pick by the Arizona Coyotes in the 2013 entry draft.

Max Domi has signed four contracts throughout his career, with a total value of $24,175,000. Over the span of his 8-season NHL career, he has played in 581 games and has accumulated a total of 370 points. In playoff games, Domi has contributed 22 points in 43 games.

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