WATCH: Matvei Michkov shows off insane puck-handling skills

Matvei Michkov shows off INSANE puck handling skills
Matvei Michkov shows off INSANE puck handling skills

Matvei Michkov, the 17-year-old Russian hockey prodigy, continues to capture the attention of NHL scouts and fans. Regarded as the second-best prospect in the world for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, Michkov's skills on the ice have been nothing short of impressive.

Recently, a video shared by journalist Anthony Martineau showcased Matvei Michkov's exceptional talents, further fueling the anticipation surrounding his future in the NHL.

While Matvei Michkov's talent is undeniable, his potential draft position has been a topic of speculation. It is believed that he has a long-term contract with the KHL, which could delay his arrival in the NHL for several seasons.

The lack of public information regarding KHL contracts makes it difficult for NHL teams to assess Michkov's commitment to either playing in Russia or pursuing a career in the NHL.

Despite the uncertainty, Daniel Bochner, player development and assistant coach for SKA Petersburg, confirmed that Michkov has the freedom to join the NHL whenever he feels ready.

However, skepticism lingers among some observers, considering the KHL's history of contradicting statements. The validity of Michkov's potential departure from Russia will likely remain in question until concrete actions are taken. Nevertheless, the prospect of witnessing Michkov's skills in the NHL is undoubtedly an exciting prospect for fans around the world.

Way ahead for the talented young prospect: Matvei Michkov

Matvei Michkov's accomplishments at such a young age are remarkable. In the current season, he demonstrated his scoring prowess by tallying nine goals and 20 points in 27 games in the KHL. Two years ago, he became the youngest goal scorer in Russian national team history, surpassing the legendary Alexander Ovechkin.

Michkov's consistently impressive performances have solidified his reputation as a rising star in the hockey world. His statistics and achievements surpass those of Ovechkin himself, marking him as a truly exceptional talent.

As the 2023 NHL Entry Draft approaches, speculation regarding which team will select Michkov intensifies. The Montreal Canadiens and the Arizona Coyotes, both possessing promising young rosters, could be willing to take a risk on Michkov early in the draft.

These teams have the luxury of patiently waiting for his arrival if necessary. Conversely, franchises like the Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, and Detroit Red Wings may opt for more immediate contributions, even though Michkov presents an intriguing long-term investment.

Ultimately, the journey of Matvei Michkov and his transition to the NHL remains a captivating storyline for hockey enthusiasts. The combination of his exceptional skills, potential draft position, and lingering uncertainty adds an element of intrigue to his future in the sport.

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