Why Rangers fans should be thrilled after signing Nick Bonino

San Jose Sharks v Tampa Bay Lightning
Nick Bonino #13 of the San Jose Sharks faces off in the third period during a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Amalie Arena on February 07, 2023 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The New York Rangers have made a significant move to address their faceoff struggles by signing veteran center Nick Bonino to a one-year deal worth $800,000. Despite being five years removed from his playoff heroics with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Bonino remains one of the top faceoff men in the league.

With the Rangers ranking 20th in faceoff percentage last season, Bonino's arrival brings anticipation and excitement to the team and its passionate fanbase. Here are three things that Rangers fans can expect after signing Nick Bonino:

Improved Faceoff Performance

Nick Bonino's exceptional faceoff skills bring a new level of reliability to the Rangers' center position. Faceoffs play a vital role in controlling the game's momentum and possession. Bonino's career faceoff win percentage of 49.9% shows his ability to consistently win crucial draws.

By acquiring Bonino, the Rangers address a glaring weakness and can expect significant improvement in faceoff situations. Winning more faceoffs will provide the Rangers with increased puck possession and offensive opportunities, resulting in greater control over the game's tempo.

Nick Bonino's Enhanced Penalty Killing

Successful penalty killing is vital for any team's defensive success, and a strong faceoff game is crucial in this regard. With Bonino's expertise in the faceoff circle, the Rangers' penalty-killing unit is poised to improve significantly. Winning defensive zone faceoffs helps gain control and clears the puck from dangerous areas, reducing the opposing team's scoring chances.

Bonino's experience and ability to consistently win faceoffs will bolster the Rangers' penalty-killing efforts, making them more formidable and reducing the opponents' scoring opportunities.

Leadership and Playoff Experience

While Bonino's playoff heroics with the Penguins may have been five years ago, his wealth of experience remains invaluable to the Rangers' young roster. Having won two Stanley Cups during his time in Pittsburgh, the 35-year-old brings a winning mentality and leadership to the team's locker room.

His playoff experience, composure under pressure, and ability to step up in crucial moments will prove to be valuable for the Rangers as they push for a postseason berth. Bonino's veteran presence and ability to guide the younger players will help instill a winning culture and boost the team's overall performance.

The signing of Nick Bonino represents a significant move for the New York Rangers, addressing their faceoff struggles and adding a veteran presence to their roster. Rangers fans can expect improved faceoff performance, enhanced penalty killing, and leadership qualities from Bonino.

His ability to win key faceoffs will provide the team with more possession, while his experience and composure will be instrumental in guiding the team through high-pressure situations.

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