5 things we learned from IMPACT Wrestling star Gail Kim's Sportskeeda interview

Gail Kim is a seven-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion
Gail Kim is a seven-time IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion

Gail Kim recently made the huge announcement that the IMPACT Knockouts Knockdown event would be returning in October to IMPACT Plus.

Kim, an IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer, is one of the most respected female wrestlers in professional wrestling history. She was the inaugural IMPACT Knockouts Champion and also holds the record of winning the Knockouts Championship the most number of times with seven separate title reigns.

Since retiring from professional wrestling in 2018, Gail Kim has transitioned into a backstage agent and producer with IMPACT Wrestling.

Sportskeeda Wrestling's Rick Ucchino and Kevin Kellam recently interviewed Gail Kim during another episode of InSide Kradle.

A variety of topics were discussed in the interview, including the upcoming Knockouts Knockdown event, NWA Empowerrr, Mercedes Martinez and many more.

Let's take a closer look at five things we learned from IMPACT Wrestling star Gail Kim's Sportskeeda interview.

#5 Gail Kim on the anticipation for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Knockdown event

IMPACT Wrestling's upcoming Knockouts Knockdown special event on IMPACT Plus in October will be the first since 2017, in which Gail Kim was herself a participant.

Kim was asked about the reaction to her announcement and the already huge anticipation for the event.

The IMPACT Hall of Famer said it was a team effort that could make the show possible and credited IMPACT Wrestling for giving Christy Hemme and herself the reigns for the event:

"Yeah I think it's because also we haven't done it for so long and I feel like the last time we did it, was I a participant in it? So I've probably retired from that point and been a participant. So it's very different to go from being in it to helping plan it and put in the effort and heart to bring all these great, talented women together.
"I just love it, I've always loved going from being in the ring to being behind the scenes and being able to contribute to something that I love. IMPACT Wrestling has always been a great place for women's wrestling. I'm not the one you should give full credit to, it's really a team effort of all these people. They've really given their reigns to myself and Christy Hemme to put in a lot of input from women because sometimes it just hits different."
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