5 Talking Points from this week's IMPACT Wrestling (January 6th, 2022): AEW star in action, Massive brawl, Stipulation added for a title match

JONAH puts Josh Alexander through a table on IMPACT Wrestling
JONAH puts Josh Alexander through a table on IMPACT Wrestling
K Sai Krishna

The first episode of IMPACT Wrestling in the new year happens to be the go-home show for the Hard to Kill pay-per-view. Steve Maclin had a few words for the X-Division champion ahead of their highly anticipated clash.

Karl Anderson battled Heath to determine whose team gains the advantage for the Hardcore war.

JONAH returned to action on IMPACT Wrestling. With Josh Alexander also in the building, things were bound to get ugly. Deonna Purrazzo was in action tonight while Knockouts Champion Mickie James was on the commentary desk. All three competitors from the World Title match had something to say before their encounter at the pay-per-view.

So without further ado, let's go through the Five Talking Points from this week's IMPACT Wrestling. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

#5 Josh Alexander was destroyed by JONAH on IMPACT Wrestling

After being battered by JONAH on his debut, Josh Alexander was out for a couple of weeks before making his return. When he came back, Alexander found out that JONAH was sent home by Scott D'Amore, which further infuriated The Walking Weapon.

The former NXT star defeated Jake Something to kick start the show. Alexander made his way out and the two had a back-and-forth brawl including officials separating them. But ultimately JONAH gained the upper hand by targeting his injured ribs and finally ended the assault by putting him through a table.

"Two days away from #HardToKill and Jonah is trying to prove he can kill Josh Alexander!"@JONAHISHERE @Walking_Weapon #IMPACTonAXSTV

It would be interesting to see who walks out with a win at Hard to Kill.

#4 Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo come face-to-face on IMPACT Wrestling

Who will leave #HardToKill with the Knockouts World Championship?@MickieJames vs @DeonnaPurrazzo goes down in two days at #HardToKill!#IMPACTonAXSTV

Deonna Purrazzo battled current AEW star Mercedes Martinez on this week's episode of IMPACT Wrestling. The Virtuosa got a headstart as she attacked Martinez before the start of the match and ultimately was able to defeat her.

Knockouts Champion Mickie James was in commentary and came down to the ring for a face-to-face confrontation after the match. The two stared at each other but couldn't engage in a brawl due to the no-contact clause that had been instituted.

The two stars will put their rivalry to bed when they face each other in a Texas Death match at Hard to Kill with the title at stake.

#3 Stipulation added for the X-Division Title match on IMPACT Wrestling

.@gailkimITSME has told @SteveMaclin if he doesn't win the X Division title at #HardToKill he WILL NOT get another chance as long as @TheTreyMiguel is champion!#IMPACTonAXSTV #HardToKill

Steve Maclin stated that Gail Kim made a mistake by granting Trey Miguel a grudge match against him as he promises to take the title from him.

Kim overheard it and announced that if Maclin loses at Hard to Kill, he wouldn't be allowed to compete for the title as long as Miguel stays the X-Division champion.

#2 The World Title participants have their final say on IMPACT Wrestling

"Anything could happen, but I'm looking forward to it" @TheMooseNation #IMPACTonAXSTV

On the final episode of IMPACT Wrestling before the Hard to Kill pay-per-view, each of the participants of the World Title match spoke about their chances in separate segments.

The World champion Moose was up first. He stated that while he’s about to step in the ring with two very dangerous men, he won’t crib about the champion’s advantage being taken away from.

Moose continued by saying that while anything can happen at the pay-per-view, he’s looking forward to it so that he can prove to one and all that he is the greatest champion in all of professional wrestling.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green were interviewed backstage by Gia Miller, who brought up Cardona hitting Green with a steel chair, a few weeks ago. The newly-wed couple simply declared victories in their respective matches at IMPACT Wrestling Hard to Kill.

Morrissey was interviewed by Gia Miller later in the night where he claimed that he came to IMPACT alone and did well on his own before teaming up with Moose.

He further stated that kicking Moose in the face gave him a title opportunity. The former WWE star rained down on the fans for supporting whoever’s at the top and stated that once he wins the world title, this Saturday, he’ll comfortably sit alone at the top as he needs no one.

"I'll be the IMPACT Champion and I'll be alone just how I like it"@TheCaZXL #IMPACTonAXSTV

#1 Karl Anderson picks up the advantage for Hardcore War on IMPACT Wrestling

Karl Anderson and Heath competed in the main event of IMPACT Wrestling this week to determine which team gets the numbers advantage for Hardcore War. A brawl broke out very early in the contest leading to both sides being ejected.

Anderson worked on Heath’s shoulder for the most part. When the latter made a brief comeback, the former used the referee as a shield to gain the advantage. Towards the end, The Machine Gun sidestepped, which made Heath to go shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

He then hit a Cutter to secure the win for his side. Both teams came into the ring after the match as a massive brawl erupted to close out the show.

What did you think of this week’s IMPACT Wrestling? Speak your mind in the comments below.

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