Josh Alexander discusses being the IMPACT X-Division Champion, Under Siege, and more (Exclusive)

Known worldwide as 'The Walking Weapon', Josh Alexander has ascended to new heights at the top of IMPACT's X-Division
Known worldwide as 'The Walking Weapon', Josh Alexander has ascended to new heights at the top of IMPACT's X-Division

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division champion Josh Alexander is headed to Under Siege this weekend to defend his title, and he says he's ready for the challenge.

The Canadian native, known as "The Walking Weapon", captured the coveted crown when he defeated both TJP and Ace Austin in a three-way battle at IMPACT Rebellion on April 25th.

In an exclusive interview with, Alexander spoke about his long journey to success, his time with IMPACT, and his status as the reigning and defending titleholder.

"I think the professional wrestling business is something where you have to have a little bit of perseverance and a thick skin if you're going to survive," Alexander said about the beginning stages of his career. "It took me thirteen and a half years to get that major contract with a major company like IMPACT Wrestling."
"In that [time], I have seen thousands of wrestlers leave during that time," Alexander continued. "Some lasted for a couple of years, and some lasted for a decade. But if this is something you really want, and you really are working for it? You just got to keep moving forward. That's the biggest lesson I learned, that you just to keep that perseverance over the years."

Despite his challenging path to success, Alexander explained that these trials were worth it because he's entering the peak of his career.

"I'm just entering my prime right now, and thinking back on it... I wouldn't have wanted it any other way," said Alexander.

The X-Division Champion looked back on everything he has learned throughout his journey, and he stated that every step of the way prepared him for his current prominence in IMPACT Wrestling.

"Because all that experience I got in those first thirteen years? It really prepared me for the second I got that call from IMPACT Wrestling," said Alexander. "There was no real learning curve for me. After a short time in the company, I was a tag team champion, and now being a singles competitor, in less than four months, I was the X-Divison champion. And I think that's a testament to all those things I learned in those thirteen years."

Alexander says he wants to carry on the storied legacy of the X-Division Champonship in IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander in IMPACT Wrestling
Josh Alexander in IMPACT Wrestling

When Josh Alexander reflected on the night he won the X-Division championship, he emphasized the personal significance of the title. He recalled how he used to watch X-Division stars like AJ Styles steal the show in TNA when he was a kid.

"It means everything to me," Alexander said. "When I was 13 years old, I remember running inside with my best friend at 8 o'clock to order the first TNA show."
"I remember seeing AJ Styles and Lo Ki that night, and I was completely blown away," Alexander continued. "It changed my whole perception of what a professional wrestler was. The style and the presnentation just totally changed my perception. I was hooked on the X-Division from there on out."

He then expressed how honored he is to join a lineage that includes legends like Styles and Samoa Joe. Alexander made it clear that he wants to restore the X-Division to its former glory.

"So to have my name on the list with all that kind of lineage, guys like them, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and so many Hall of Fame names?" said Alexander. "It just blows me away."
"I'm just hopeful that I can bring the X-Division back to once was: That match of the night, must-see TV, the matchup that you know you're going to get exactly what you want every time you see that X-Division logo pop up on the screen."

Finally, Alexander previewed his match at IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege, where he'll defend the title against El Phantasmo. He expressed his hope that he'll be able to deliver the best match of the night with the New Japan Pro Wrestling standout.

"El Phantasmo is a New Japan star and a Super J Cup winner," said Alexander. "So hopefully fans get to tune in and get to see myself - a homegrown IMPACT talent - stack up with him move for move, blow for blow, show up and have of the best matches on the card. If not THE best match on the card."

Fans can tune in and see Alexander's match with El Phantasmo on Saturday, when Under Siege will air exclusively on IMPACT Plus.

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Edited by Colin Tessier