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"And if I had to go to AEW and beat the crap out of Don Callis, I would love to do it" - Tommy Dreamer on what winning the IMPACT World Title would mean for AEW crossover

Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann in IMPACT Wrestling
Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann in IMPACT Wrestling
Modified 05 Feb 2021

Tommy Dreamer is a legend of the business has truly done and seen it all, but he has shown his interest and possible concern in regards to IMPACT Wrestling's relationship with AEW. IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann recently challenged him to a title match, and Dreamer stated that he'd love to win the title and make some appearances on AEW programming.

After the initial crossover between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer went directly to IMPACT VP Scott D'Amore trying to figure out what was going on. D'Amore more or less brushed off Dreamer, and the legend has been left out of the AEW/IMPACT crossover. Dreamer is a former ECW World Champion, and he is a 14-time WWE Hardcore Champion.

In the latest IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, Dreamer hoked about what could happen if he takes the title away from Swann. "The Innovator of Violence" vowed to make history in a variety of ways.

"Well if I do accept, I can clearly beat Rich Swann. Then, I'm gonna go and that's Saturday, so then Wednesday I'll go and fight Kenny Omega. I'll beat him and then I'll take both titles throw them in the trash on SmackDown and create wrestling history. And all the good will I did to everyone, I'll just crap all over in like one week and be like 'I'm out!' and retire."
If I am able to defeat Rich, I would do whatever to represent IMPACT Wrestling. I'm very, very loyal to the business and I don't forget people who helped me along the way. And if I had to go to AEW and beat the crap out of Don Callis, I would love to do it because I want to do it when he's just in IMPACT, but to go out on a bigger platform with the IMPACT Title and show.

Tommy Dreamer is undecided on if he will accept the challenge, but he definitely has some idea what he would like to do if he is able to become the IMPACT World Champion at No Surrender.

Tommy Dreamer on comparisons between IMPACT Wrestling and ECW

Tommy Dreamer in IMPACT Wrestling
Tommy Dreamer in IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling's current relationship with AEW has caused many comparisons with the crossover between the WWF and ECW in 1996-1997. Tommy Dreamer has worked for both compares during his career of both promotions at these significant times. Of course, he had some compelling insight about the connection between these two time periods.

Speaking with SK Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer addressed how fans viewed ECW in the past, and he compared it to the way IMPACT Wrestling is viewed now.

"I say this just like when people talked about ECW. Man, WWE was on USA Network, WCW was on TNT, but you were like in the cool mix if you knew about ECW. People was always like 'Oh yeah, this is cool, but you have to see what these guys in Philly are doing.' And I feel like that same way with IMPACT. It's like we're wrestling's best kept secret. Everybody has storylines, everybody has creative. Most of the people are on television every single week even if it's an appearance or backstage interview, it's something. I love that. But to rep a brand or any brand, it's a great responsibility. 

Dreamer's experience in the business is a vital benefit for IMPACT Wrestling. He's a priceless member of the locker room. His possible championship match would put the spotlight on the legendary wrestler, and it would put him at the forefront for the promotion. Based on his famed history as the face of ECW, IMPACT would be hard-pressed to find a better representative.

Published 05 Feb 2021, 07:12 IST
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