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Greg Bush
Modified 08 Feb 2021

D'Lo Brown has transitioned into a commentary role for IMPACT Wrestling, and the former Aces and Eights member has revealed just how difficult it's been to avoid "breaking the fourth wall."

Back at IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill, D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker were brought in as the new permanent commentary team going forward. Madison Rayne officially retired from the sport that same day.

Her husband and co-commentator, Josh Mathews, was promoted to Senior Producer, leaving the desk as well.

It's difficult when a wrestling promotion swaps out their announce team, whether it's replacing one member or the full group. It takes time for newer co-workers to find their groove with one another. In an interview with Lucha Libre Online, D-Lo explained some of the more difficult aspects of moving to the desk.

"Full disclosure, I'll break down the fourth wall. We have our headsets on. So it was hard to be used to looking at the action on the monitor, calling the action, and having someone else's voice in my head telling me what I should be saying or what I could be saying or what I messed up on or what's my next to break. So that was a hard thing to get used to, having that 'voice of God in your head.'"

D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker have transitioned well to IMPACT Wrestling's commentary desk

It's been three weeks now since D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker have been placed at the announcer's table. Striker, a veteran in the role, was positioned as the lead commentator.

On the other hand, D'Lo was seated into the color commentator position - a spot usually saved for wrestlers with a knowledge of what's going on in the mind of the athletes in the ring.

The major difference here is that both men have had a great level of success in-ring, bringing a pretty unique experience to the booth. The move has been an overall success, with IMPACT Wrestling viewers praising the new team on social media each Tuesday night.

Published 08 Feb 2021
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