IMPACT Wrestling's Tasha Steelz talks about winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, teaming with Kiera Hogan, and more [Exclusive]

At Hard to Kill, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan captured the Knockouts Tag Team Championship (Image courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling)
At Hard to Kill, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan captured the Knockouts Tag Team Championship (Image courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling)
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Since 2007, IMPACT Wrestling's Knockouts division has been home to some of the best female talent in the world. In fact, IMPACT Wrestling has not only featured established stars like Gail Kim, Mickie James, and Taya Valkyrie, but it's also been known as a factory of sorts, helping to establish fresh faces, as well.

That continues even today, with Tasha Steelz adding her name to that list of IMPACT Wrestling stars who have stepped into the spotlight of the squared circle.

Steelz, who signed on with IMPACT Wrestling in mid-2020, wasted no time in establishing herself. With her in-ring talent, good looks, and tough street-wise persona, she was quickly noticed by the audience. She soon formed an alliance with IMPACT Wrestling veteran Kiera Hogan to comprise the team known as Fire 'n' Flava.


Tasha Steelz on winning the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Kiera Hogan

In a recent interview with SK Wrestling, Tasha Steelz spoke about the victory and what it meant to be the first tandem to hold the newly re-christened IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

"It was pretty huge for us. Not just winning, but for Madison Rayne and Gail Kim to come out and present us with the titles, so it was like a little 'passing of the torch' moment."
"It really touched the heart, and I got a little emotional out there. I really, truly appreciate those ladies laying down the foundation, and creating that path for us to become what we feel like we are going to be -- the greatest Knockouts Tag Team champions ever."
Tasha Steelz has formed a very successful duo with Kiera Hogan as Fire 'n' Flava (Image courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling)
Tasha Steelz has formed a very successful duo with Kiera Hogan as Fire 'n' Flava (Image courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling)

Steelz says that she's had a great time since making her debut with IMPACT Wrestling and that forming her bond with Kiera Hogan has been the icing on the cake.

"It's been so awesome. It's not even like working to me. It's just us, being our natural selves with each other. It's just like having a normal day and hanging out with each other."
"The things that we do are so natural; I just love it. I don't even feel like it's work to me. I just feel like it's more like handing out with one of my favorite home girls -which it is - and I love it. I love being around Kiera. She helps me in a lot of ways, I help her in a lot of ways, and that's what's going to make us the best out here."
"It's just been a lot of fun."

Tasha Steelz opens up on her journey to IMPACT Wrestling

Despite being a relative newcomer to IMPACT Wrestling and pro wrestling in general, Tasha Steelz is a well-traveled performer.

The lady who hails from 'Brick City' wrestled for several different promotions before signing with IMPACT in May of last year. Steelz credits much of her success to the training she received when she got started.

"It was a long road for me. Not too long, but there were some hurdles for me. But it was all for what I wanted, because it was my way, my struggle, my hustle. That's my mentality: Always stay on that hustle."
"But, it was all because I came from a great training background in Damien Adams, who is one of the best trainers out of New Jersey, by far. And, he's also one of the best women's trainers, by far. You see me. You see Deonna Purrazzo. You see Karen Q. He's done amazing work with all three of us and shaped us in to the competitors that we are today."

What's next for Tasha Steelz in IMPACT Wrestling?

Unfortunately for Tasha Steelz and her partner, the road in IMPACT Wrestling won't get easier from here, as they will be looked to carry the mantle of their division.

Last week, the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions planned a celebration called the Fire 'n' Flava Fest, but it was quickly crashed by their rivals, Havok and Naveah.

It appears the war between these two teams is not over yet.

In the meantime, Tasha Steelz continues to focus on the positives. She says that she's ready to take on all comers in IMPACT Wrestling, and that the trajectory of her career will always be based on a very simple motto.

"I take the same motto that I learned from a great Hall of Famer, which is Trish Stratus, and that is preparedness means opportunity."
"In this life, you have to be prepared for anything, and I am a preparedness freak. I always have that hope for the best, but 'prepare for the worst' mentality, because not everything goes the way you want it to. Not everything goes the way you planned."
"That's just how I was raised anyway. Preparedness means opportunity... That's just my motto in life."

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