IMPACT Wrestling star Trey Miguel discusses Rebellion, his rivalry with Sami Callihan & more (Exclusive)

Trey Miguel has emerged as one of the shining stars of IMPACT Wrestling
Trey Miguel has emerged as one of the shining stars of IMPACT Wrestling
Ryan K Boman

It's been quite a journey for IMPACT Wrestling's Trey Miguel since he joined the promotion in 2018. And that journey has taken 'The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air' to new heights.

Once a member of the faction, The Rascalz, he was part of one of IMPACT's most entertaining groups in the company's history, appearing in hilarious vignettes and producing eye-popping moves in the ring. The group gained widespread appeal for not only their comedy and charisma, but their chemistry, as well.

However, he has now evolved into singles stardom and has emerged as a contender for the greatest prizes in the company - either the IMPACT World Championship or the X Division title.

As his former mates set sail for other oceans, Miguel chose to stay with IMPACT and be on an island among himself. Since then, he's found a treasure chest of success.

In his way right now, however, is a former friend and mentor, Sami Callihan, who he will square off against at Rebellion on April 25th. 'The Draw' has a long history with Miguel, and has recently questioned not only his commitment to IMPACT, but his passion for the wrestling business, in general.

In an exclusive interview with, Miguel spoke about his career, his personal life, and his feelings about the outcome at Rebellion.

"In two years, I will have been a part of wrestling for half my lifetime," Miguel said. "I feel like, now, is me coming into my own more than I ever have. A year ago? I thought I was there, where I think I am now."
"I'd like to believe that I have flipped that again... Where I stand now? I feel like I'm tapping in to my best and surest potential more than I EVER have."

Since entering wrestling training as a teenager, the now 26-year-old veteran has endured many hardships in his personal life, including his battles with depression and anxiety. The IMPACT star has decided to use his platform as a pro wrestler to bring awareness to these issues.

"It's a battle," Miguel said. "One of the things that I've learned more than anything is reaching out can save so much heartache for you, and others. Depending on how bad your depression is. My depression was so bad, that I had to start reaching out to people at complete random."
"The best thing I ever did was open up about my depression," the IMPACT high flyer said. "I don't hide it (anxiety), and I don't run from it, because I think that's the worst thing you can do for it."

However, he's now focused on the next phase of his career, and his Last Man Standing match with Sami Callihan. In what has become a bit of psychological warfare, 'The Draw' has questioned Miguel's heart, and his passion for IMPACT Wrestling.

Trey Miguel's prediction for IMPACT Wrestling's Rebellion

As far as his prediction about what looks to be an all-out war with Callihan at IMPACT Rebellion this weekend, Miguel doesn't mince words about what he believes the outcome will be, and says that he will prove 'The Draw' wrong.

"He's not going to stand up to look me in my eyes, and say it to my face. That's not the case." Said Miguel.
"I didn't come back (to IMPACT) to prove anything to anyone besides myself... I didn't come back to prove anything to anyone, aside from myself."
"This isn't for anybody. This isn't for Sami. This for me. I need to know, and I'm going to show it to Sami. But, it's going to be at his expense, not mine."

You can listen to the full interview with IMPACT Wrestling's Trey Miguel below:


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