Mickie James comments on Tasha Steelz being a worthy successor (Exclusive)

Mickie James heaps praise on Tasha Steelz
Mickie James heaps praise on Tasha Steelz

Mickie James recently shared her thoughts on reigning Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz.

The feud between Steelz and James began after the former was victorious in the Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill. Following an unsuccessful attempt at No Surrender, Steelz finally toppled James at Sacrifice to take the title from her.

Speaking to Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mickie James gave her verdict on Steelz potentially being a worthy successor to her:

"Worthy? Yes, absolutely. I'm sure I wouldn't have faced her if I didn't think she was worthy of a shot at the championship. (...) I had never truly seen her as a singles competitor until I saw her when I was commentating for Knockouts Knockdown. I remember watching that show that day and go, 'This girl is a star.' She's a star, she checks all the boxes, she's money on the microphone, she's got bags of charisma and personality and she's a great wrestler. That was the probably first time I truly saw her as a singles star," Mickie James said. (01:22 - 02:18)

You can watch the complete interview below:


Mickie James praised Tasha Steelz for her adaptability

Mickie James spoke about her relationship with Steelz' former Fire 'N Flava teammate Kiera Hogan and praised the Knockouts Champion for smoothly transitioning into a singles star after Hogan’s departure:

"Kiera, her former tag team partner, has been a fan of mine for a very long time and I have a lot of love for Kiera. That's why I had seen her as a tag star because I watched her and Kiera both as a tag team because I kept an eye on Kiera, so I indirectly kept an eye on Tasha because they were together. After Kiera left, I think she was kind of put in this position of like a reset if you will. Now she had to figure out what she needs to do to break down the stigma of people viewing her only as a tag team star. I think she has taken the ball and ran with it and she's done an incredible job." (02:19 - 03:12)

On the latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Steelz retained her title over James in a Street Fight after Chelsea Green betrayed the latter. Steelz is set to defend her title at Rebellion against the winner of the Knockouts Battle Royal on the upcoming episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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